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Capernaum in Israel, Tiberias resort

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The city of Capernaum (or Kafarnum) is located in the northwestern part of Lake Tiberias. This city has a long history and is mentioned in the New Testament. In the 19th century, excavations were carried out here, which revealed the remains of the White Synagogue. This synagogue was   built in the period from III to IV century AD.

Serious archaeological research took place here in the first half of the XX century. While in Capernaum, it is worth visiting the Greek Temple of the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles. This is a fairly young architectural structure, the interior design of which is notable for its beauty and harmony. Today, the territory of Capernaum belongs to the national archaeological park, which is of constant interest among tourists.

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Topic: Capernaum in Israel, Tiberias resort.Capernaum in Israel, Tiberias resort

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