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Maritime Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort

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The locals call him Mesue Maritim. It is located west of the Columbus monument, in vaulted buildings with bay windows. These docked buildings were once used as a naval arsenal.  

Signs can be used to navigate the museum's ever-expanding spaces. The museum halls display ship models, ships, weapons and tools, navigation equipment, as well as drawings and diagrams. All these exhibits will help you to better know various aspects of navigation and marine life.  

One of the main parts of the museum – this is a showroom. The central place in it is occupied by a copy of the galleon `` Real '', made in a scale of 1: 1. This galleon used to be the flagship of the fleet, in 1571, who defeated the Turks at Lepanto and thereby established the dominant position of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  

It is also worth paying attention to the museum shipyard. It was built in the 13th century, and in the 18th it was expanded to   12 bays. It was in this shipyard that the ships of the Aragonese crown were built and repaired for a long time. After America was discovered, the sphere of maritime interests moved to the Atlantic, so the importance of shipyards diminished, and they began to be used as barracks, warehouses and storage.  

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Topic: Maritime Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort.Maritime Museum in Spain, Barcelona resort

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