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Kolossi Castle in Cyprus, Limassol resort

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The castle is located 10 kilometers from Limassol. The road to the castle goes through citrus plantations, which are framed by cypress avenues that protect lemon and orange trees from the wind.

Initially, in 1291, the crusaders settled in the places where the castle is located. The castle was the headquarters of the Knights Templar, and later became the property of the Hospitallers, in the XIV century they were replaced by the knights of the Order of St. John (Order of Malta) - the Johannites. The castle was surrounded by knightly barracks and houses of the nobility. There was a sugar factory in the immediate vicinity. The Johannites were engaged in the cultivation of grapes and sugarcane. They also organized the production of wine, which is still one of the best wines in Cyprus ("Commandaria").

The castle that we see now was built in 1454. The three-story tower of the fortress reaches 25 meters, and the walls are more than 2.5 meters thick. You can enter the castle via the drawbridge, getting directly to the second floor, where the living quarters are located. The third floor housed the quarters of Commander Louis de Magnace. There were wells in the basement of the castle. The remains of the moat are still preserved.

The interior of the castle is not of particular interest. There are no exhibits in the rooms, except for the glass-covered Crucifixion fresco and photographs. In the living quarters of the second floor, only fireplaces with coats of arms remained from the decoration.

On the facade of the building you can see the coats of arms of Jerusalem and the Lusignans. An old mahaerium tree and a large cypress grow in the courtyard of the Kolossi castle. There is an observation deck on the roof of the castle, from which you can see citrus plantations, vineyards, a road, and beyond them the sea and Limassol.


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Topic: Kolossi Castle in Cyprus, Limassol resort.Kolossi Castle in Cyprus, Limassol resort

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