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Snake Farm (Pasteur Institute) in Thailand, Bangkok Resort

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The Snake Farm (or Pasteur Institute) is located in one of the branches of the Red Cross organization at the intersection of Dumanta and Rama IV streets. The Snake Farm, opened in 1923, conducts research into poisons and antidotes.

The most effective methods of providing medical care for snake bites and medicines based on snake venoms are being developed here. This is the second institute in the world,   implementing similar research programs.

The snake farm is a significant attraction in Thailand, and many tourists come here. First of all, it is curious to look at the snakes: the number of species collected at the institute is simply amazing. Royal and Siamese cobras, green keffis, ribbon kraits, Malay snakes, Rosel's vipers, as well as many other species of reptiles are used both for scientific purposes and for the entertainment of guests of the institute.

Especially for them, employees show how to catch and neutralize a poisonous snake, as well as how to provide first aid for a viper or cobra bite. In addition, photography is permitted with some species of snakes. Among tourists, there are many who like to get their own photo with a python or a cobra on their shoulders.

To complement the exotic impressions of visiting the Pasteur Institute, visit the cafe located on its territory, where various dishes made with snake meat.  

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Topic: Snake Farm (Pasteur Institute) in Thailand, Bangkok Resort.Snake Farm (Pasteur Institute) in Thailand, Bangkok Resort

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