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Are there snakes in Turkey?

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Fortunately for naturalists and, unfortunately, for people suffering from phobias, there are snakes in Turkey, and in a fairly large number. They can live both in the central regions and near the seaside tourist centers.

But I would like to immediately note the fact that being on vacation in Turkey does not mean at all that you will meet a snake. Most likely, during your stay in the country, you will never come across this dangerous creature.



However, you need to know about a possible meeting with a reptile in advance, especially if you are planning out-of-town trips to different Turkish regions. You need to know about the habitat of snakes, as well as whether to be afraid of a particular type of poisonous or non-venomous reptiles.

In Turkey, there are at least about 12 venomous snakes that can introduce poison into the human body. To be on the safe side, you need to at least know what they look like. Let's consider several types of those that are most likely to meet.

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Topic: Are there snakes in Turkey?.Are there snakes in Turkey?

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