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Pantheon in Italy, Rome resort

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The Pantheon in our time is a monument of centric-domed architecture of the heyday of the architecture of Ancient Rome. Pantheon – 'temple of all gods'.

The building was erected in the 2nd century AD. on the site where the previous Pantheon was located, built two centuries earlier by the Roman leader Mark Vipsanius Agrippa. At the end of its construction, the temple was a major engineering achievement of antiquity.

The rotunda of the temple was covered with a hemispherical dome. The dome itself was made up of circles, which are easy to read thanks to the coffered ceiling. The walls and the dome form a single shell that contains all the space inside, corresponding to half of the sphere and the internal volume of the cylinder. Previously, the surface of the dome was decorated with stars, which were later taken apart.

The Pantheon is distinguished by its classical integrity and clarity of composition of the interior space, as well as the grandeur of the artistic image.

In 609, on November 1, the church was rededicated, as a result of which it turned from a pagan into a church of martyrs. Since then, November 1 is celebrated by Protestants and Catholics as All Saints Day.

The building houses the tombs of such famous people as the rulers Umberto I, Victor Emmanuel II and the famous painter Raphael.

One of the features of the Pantheon is the opening in the roof, through which a strong light pole penetrates at noon, which remains in the form of a huge beam of light and does not `` spread '' around the room.


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Topic: Pantheon in Italy, Rome resort.Pantheon in Italy, Rome resort

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