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Russian street in China, Dalian resort

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The history of Dalian is quite closely connected with Russia. In fact, the city was founded in 1899 by the Russians and named it Dalny. In 1905, it was captured by the Japanese, 40 years later it was again captured by the USSR, and then donated to China.

There are a lot of Russian buildings preserved in the city. However, almost all of them are abandoned and neglected. But one of the streets, on which there are a lot of such buildings, is flourishing. Russkaya Street, which is one of the city's main attractions, stretches 430 meters from the Victory Bridge.

From the very foundation of the city, this street played a very important role in its life - administrative buildings were located here.

Now there are 38 buildings on the street, which are made in the Russian style of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Some of them are copies of   real Russian buildings. Here you can even see a small copy of the Historical Museum located on Red Square. Many buildings were already built by the Chinese, and nowadays, but in the depths of the quarter you can see real Russian buildings with a century of history.
The street houses various hotels, restaurants, as well as souvenir shops, designed mainly for Chinese tourists. It sells nesting dolls, earflaps, binoculars, badges and dolls that are made in Chinese factories. Russian traditional dishes are served in the restaurants.


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Topic: Russian street in China, Dalian resort.Russian street in China, Dalian resort

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