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Confucius Temple (Fujimiao) in China, Nanjing Resort

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Temples in honor of this great thinker are found in almost all cities in China. In Nanjing, it is located at a distance of 2 kilometers from the city center.

The first temple was built here in the Song era, in 1034. It served as a school in which people studied the philosophy of Confucius. The temple was burnt down and rebuilt several times. In 1937, it was almost completely destroyed by the Japanese invaders who captured Nanjing. In 1984 the local authorities restored the temple. In the process of this restoration, the temple was significantly expanded.

The modern temple is made in the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties. On the territory adjacent to the temple, there are several more buildings: the Xuegong Imperial Academy and the venue for the imperial exams – Jiangnan. The temple houses the largest statue of Confucius in China, and 38 jade, silver and gold panels, inscriptions on which tell about Confucius' life.

There are many restaurants, boutiques and shops around the temple. Near the temple itself, you can see the Qinhuaihe Canal. On its banks there are small traditional houses in the Chinese style – with red lanterns and curved roofs. You can ride a pedal boat or boat along the canal.  

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Topic: Confucius Temple (Fujimiao) in China, Nanjing Resort.Confucius Temple (Fujimiao) in China, Nanjing Resort

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