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Alcala de Henares old town in Spain

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The name of this city is translated from Arabic as"fortress on the Henares River". This town is one of the nicest places in the country with many creative and strong personalities who have left their mark on history. Also, this city is the world's first university town.

It was in this town that Christopher Columbus, who was not yet known to anyone, told Isabella and Ferdinand – Catholic monks – details of his future expedition. The city university, which was founded in the 15th century, trained Lope de Vega and Calderon de la Barca. Ignacio de Loyola and ndash; founder of the Jesuit order, and famous historian Antonio de Nebrija.

Such famous personalities as Emperor Ferdinand and Infanta Catalina of Aragon were born in the city. However, the city is usually associated with Miguel Cervantes – this is where this famous author of the novel about the Knight of the Sorrowful Image was born.

A house-museum is located on the main street of the city. It has restored the atmosphere of a house of a noble family of the mid-16th century.

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Topic: Alcala de Henares old town in Spain.Alcala de Henares old town in Spain

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