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Koprivshtitsa in Bulgaria

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Koprivshtitsa today is a museum city located in the Sofia region, on the Topolnitsa River. Koprivshtitsa is the only settlement where the architectural monuments of the Bulgarian Renaissance have been preserved in their original form. Arc-shaped stone bridges, narrow winding streets, fences with wooden gates hiding old houses with tiled roofs and rich interior decoration, – all this gives the city a unique atmosphere and charm.

Koprivshtitsa was one of the centers of the April uprising that took place in 1876. In April, several members of the revolutionary committee, led by Todor Kableshkov, killed Turkish police officers who had come to arrest Kableshkov. Later Kableshkov wrote a letter about the beginning of the uprising and sent it to Georgi Benkovski in Panagyurishte. Subsequently, the Turkish units occupied Koprivshtitsa and dealt with the rebels.

The most famous architectural and ethnographic complex in the city is the house of Nencho Oslekov. Particularly impressive are the murals depicting the picturesque landscapes of Venice and Istanbul. The facade of the building is supported by three large pillars made of Lebanese cedar. The ceilings inside the building are decorated with wooden appliques and interesting geometric shapes.

It is also worth visiting the house of Georgiy Benkovsky, who was a revolutionary and leader of the April Uprising. The building was built in 1831. At the top of the hill not far from the house today you can see a monument dedicated to the hero.

Also interesting is the house of Todor Kableshkov, which is a circular symmetrical building with a rich interior.

The beautiful Petko Lyutov House was built for Stefan Topalov in 1854, in 1906 the house was bought by the merchant Petko Lyutov. The house is richly decorated both outside and inside. On the high ceiling in the living room, you can see the carved wooden sun and medallions depicting distant exotic places visited by the owner of the house. You can visit the exhibition of woolen products, located on the ground floor of the building, where you can see bedspreads and carpets with exotic ornaments and original patterns made of thick wool.

The city also has to visit the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the house of Lyuben Karavelov and Dimcho Debelyanov's house.

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