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Abu Gosh village in Israel

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Abu Ghosh is located near the highway leading to Jerusalem. This is a Muslim settlement   got its name from the surname of the family, who first settled in these places around the 16th century.

In the course of the ongoing archaeological research in the territory where Abu Gosh is located, the remains of an ancient village were discovered, the buildings of which (water collectors and for olives and grapes) date back to the Stone Age. Also here were found various ceramics belonging to the Iron Age.

On a hill located in the western part of Abu Gosh, according to many researchers, was the ancient biblical city of Kiryat Yearim (Kiriafiarim), where for a long time was the famous Ark of the Covenant, after which it was transported to Jerusalem.

Abu Gosh is home to the Al-Azar Mosque. This is a small temple highly revered by the locals. Next to the mosque there is a functioning Benedictine monastery, where the monks of the Order of St. Lazarus live. This monastery   attracts tourists thanks to the church located on its territory, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. In the temple you can see medieval frescoes by talented masters of that era.

The church was erected on a foundation that once belonged to an ancient Roman architectural structure. Baths were built here in the 11th century. Their water came from underground sources. A little later, a temple was founded on the site of the baths, well preserved to this day.

Not far from the village is the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and the Ark of the Covenant, built in 1924, which is well known in the region. Also near the village there is a memorial dedicated to the memory of the American colonel   David Markus.   Marcus volunteered for the War of Independence and died tragically in a battle near Abu Gosh.  

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Topic: Abu Gosh village in Israel.Abu Gosh village in Israel

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