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Las Ventas Arena in Spain, Madrid resort

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This neo-Moorish-style arena is intended for bullfighting and is the largest such arena in all of Spain. It is made of bricks with ceramic inlay and rounded arches. The author of the project, presented in 1929,   – architect Ayusov.   More than 23 thousand spectators can stay here at the same time.

Previously, the bullfight was held in Plaza Mayor, but after a change in tradition, the arena was moved.  
Officially, the bullfight was opened in 1934, on October 21st. However, it was first held here three years before opening.
Since then, bullfights have been held here on holidays and weekends. People from all over the world come to see them.

Every year during May here a series of the world's most important bullfights takes place -   Feria de San Isidro. It is held in honor of the holidays of St. Isidor.

In front of the Las Ventas arena there is a monument to the matadors who died in the battles. There is also a monument to Alexander Fleming, the English scientist who discovered penicillin, and with this discovery he saved many matadors who could have died of blood poisoning from death.  

Here is another monument to the famous bullfighter who lived in the second half of the 20th century. as this man pierced the bull with a sword, he turned his back on the animal, and then the bull with its last strength got up and killed the bullfighter, piercing him with a horn. The monument to this man was named 'the bullfighter died, an angel was born'.

There is also a bullfighting museum next to the arena. In it you can see portraits of famous matadors:   Manolete, Belmonte, Joselito, Granero, Gerrite and others. They also showcase their tools, costumes, weapons and even the mummified bulls they killed.  

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Topic: Las Ventas Arena in Spain, Madrid resort.Las Ventas Arena in Spain, Madrid resort

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