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Villa Del Casale in Italy

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Villa Del Casale is an ancient Roman villa built in the 4th century AD. The villa is located in Sicily, just 5 kilometers from Piazza Armerina. The villa was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In those days, the villa was the central manor of a large estate, nowadays it is one of the most luxurious structures of this kind. The villa gained its popularity primarily due to the unique mosaics that decorate almost every room. The mosaic of Villa Del Casale is one of the rich collections of ancient Roman art.

The villa was discovered by accident. In the 17th century, local farmers, plowing the land, stumbled upon a wall unexpectedly found in the middle of the field. Of course, immediately everyone rushed in search of treasures, and indeed found silver, gold and precious stones. The main find was a unique ancient mosaic.

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Topic: Villa Del Casale in Italy.Villa Del Casale in Italy

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