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Old town in Croatia, Porec resort

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Many buildings of the old town of Porec were built on the foundations of ancient Roman buildings.

In the old town, the remains of a system of city fortifications and three watchtowers have survived to this day: Pentagonal, Round and North-East.

The ancient Decumanus street begins from the Pentagonal Tower, which attracts tourists with numerous souvenir and jewelry shops, art galleries and art salons, restaurants and cafes.

Sights such as the Euphrasian Basilica, famous all over the world, the Museum of the History of Porec, housed in a baroque palace, the ruins of the Roman temple of Neptune, the Great Temple, are located in the old town.which is supposedly dedicated to the god of war Mars, the remains of the Roman Forum.

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Topic: Old town in Croatia, Porec resort.Old town in Croatia, Porec resort

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