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Lighthouse in Savudrija in Croatia, Umag resort

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The Savudrija lighthouse is considered one of the oldest active lighthouses on the Adriatic. It is located 9 kilometers from Umag, practically on the border with Slovenia. The light signal of the lighthouse is visible at a distance of 32 kilometers.

The lighthouse was built in 1818 by the architect Pietro Nobilo. It is a 36 meter high stone tower set on a quadrangular base. Initially, the light source for the lighthouse was coal, but in 1938 it was switched to electrical supply.

There is a legend that the lighthouse in Savudrija was built by Prince Meternich for a beautiful girl, whom he fell in love with at one of the Viennese balls. She persuaded the prince to build a love nest on this place. The construction of the lighthouse lasted less than a year, but the lovers never managed to live here, as the girl died a few days before the construction was completed.

Now the caretaker with his family constantly lives at the lighthouse .

The lighthouse in Savudrija is open to tourists. There are four-bed apartments for guests. The lighthouse is located 30 meters from the sea, and there are many cafes around that offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines.

The building of the lighthouse is surrounded by a garden with magnificent vegetation. In the vicinity of the lighthouse there are rocky beaches and a large number of sports fields (football, basketball and handball courts, tennis courts, as well as jogging and cycling paths). / p>
The beach adjacent to the lighthouse is public, and tourists from nearby hotels rest here, as well as residents of Slovenia and Italy come in their cars with tents, in connection with which the guests of the lighthouse are in seclusion not worth counting.

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Topic: Lighthouse in Savudrija in Croatia, Umag resort.Lighthouse in Savudrija in Croatia, Umag resort

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