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Garden Tomb in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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The Garden Tomb is located where, according to various testimonies, was the true burial place of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, it is believed that the burial and ascension of Christ took place in the place where the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located. Garden tomb – no less famous attraction and no less interesting. It is located in the Arab quarter of Sheikh Jarah, near the Saint-Etienne monastery. Next to it is the central bus station of East Jerusalem.

During excavations carried out in the area in 1893, burials dating back to the 1st century AD were discovered. A tomb was found in the rock, at the entrance of which there was a gutter, according to some signs, it became clear to specialists that a stone was moving along this gutter, which closed the entrance.

A large number of tourists who are interested in history and religion traditionally come here. Many of them hope that they will discover new evidence of the events described in the Gospels.

The Garden Tomb complex includes such attractions as Calvary, the Garden Tomb itself, an old wine press and a reservoir. Nearby you can find a souvenir shop and a garden that is considered a great quiet place to relax.

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Topic: Garden Tomb in Israel, Jerusalem resort.Garden Tomb in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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