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Dominus Flevit in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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Dominus Flevit – a church built on the spot where, according to church beliefs, Jesus Christ stopped before entering Jerusalem.   Its construction was completed in 1955 under the direction of Antonio Barluzzi.

The altar grille is shaped like a crown of thorns, and the panoramic view that opens behind it is amazing: from here you can see the Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as the Temple Mount .

The interior of the church is distinguished by elegance: mosaic images are laid on the floor, and the walls are decorated with paintings illustrating the Gospel stories. The church of Dominus Flevit is crowned with a dark dome, shaped like a tear.

The area where this temple is located has presented the world with many valuable archaeological finds, discovered in the course of special research. Excavations were carried out here from 1953 to 1955.

Near Dominus Flevit were found the ruins of a church and a Byzantine monastery dating from about the 5th century AD, as well as ancient burials of the 1st-2nd centuries BC.

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Topic: Dominus Flevit in Israel, Jerusalem resort.Dominus Flevit in Israel, Jerusalem resort

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