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Ca 'Dario Palace in Italy, Venice resort

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Ka Palace ’ Dario is a palace located in the Dorsoduro area. One side of the building overlooks Piazza Barbaro, while the other -; to the Grand Canal. Directly opposite the palace is the Marina de Riglio.

Today the palace is a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture. The mosaic facade made of colored marble deserves special attention. The palace was erected in 1487.

One of the owners of the mansion was Henri de Rainier – French poet who lived here in the 19th century. The palace is also famous for the fact that it was here that the filmmaker Woody Allen held one of his weddings.

In Venice, the palace is notorious, it is often called & cursed house. The owners of the palace became bankrupt more than once, were subjected to violence or suicide. In 1993, the last death occurred in the palace – here one of the richest industrialists in Italy committed suicide after a corruption scandal.

Ka Palace ’ Dario, along with other attractions of Venice, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Ca 'Dario Palace in Italy, Venice resort.Ca 'Dario Palace in Italy, Venice resort

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