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Nature Reserve (National Park) Timna in Israel, Eilat resort

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Timna Park, located on the territory of the valley of the same name, thanks to its unique natural data of the area, is today the most popular tourist attraction in the country. The development of tourism in the park is facilitated by a variety of attractions of natural origin and history – rock paintings, ancient copper mines, stone compositions, as well as new objects erected here in recent years.

One of the significant attractions of the park are the Solomon's Pillars, which are a part of the rock formed as a result of the erosion of red sandstone ... According to legend, the First Temple was built by King Solomon at the behest of   God given to Moshe. The king gave the two main columns installed at the entrance to the temple the names Boaz – in honor of the great-grandfather of King David, and Yachin – in honor of the son of Simeon. Today, these columns are called Solomon Pillars.

Not far from the Solomon Pillars, you can see the Temple of the Goddess Hattor, which was built during the reign of Pharaoh Seti the First, in the 14th century BC. The construction of the temple was carried out in a low stone rock, granite and white sandstone served as materials for the construction. The steps of the temple lead to an engraving depicting Ramses the Third, presenting gifts to the goddess Hattor. Hattor, according to ancient mythology, was the goddess of love, sky, beauty and femininity.

As a result of the earthquake, the temple was badly damaged, but during the reign of Ramses II it was completely restored. After the archaeological excavations carried out here, hieroglyphic inscriptions, copper products, animal figurines, alabaster vessels, figurines, sculptures and tablets, as well as cartouches of the pharaohs who ruled in the 14th-12th centuries BC

Egyptian petroglyphs, an artificial lake Timna, `` Screw '' are also interesting in the park. a hill, a fantastic rock Mushroom and a model of Sikinia, which was built here quite recently.

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Topic: Nature Reserve (National Park) Timna in Israel, Eilat resort.Nature Reserve (National Park) Timna in Israel, Eilat resort

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