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Valley”Stone Forest” in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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Today the Valley of the `` Stone Forest '' is one of the most phenomenal and amazing sights in Bulgaria. The valley is located just 18 kilometers from the city of Varna.

The stone forest is an area with huge boulders of various sizes and shapes. Some of them reach a height of 6 meters.

Until now, scientists cannot agree on the origin of this unique natural monument. Some believe that the stone forest was formed as a result of lime deposits on the seaweed that existed here in ancient times. After the water receded, these bizarre sculptures were covered with erosion and still continue to amaze their visitors.

According to historical data, the age of these columns is at least 50 million years. Looking closely at the groups of columns, you can see the outlines of animals, birds and even architectural structures, which are simply called here `` devil '', `` magic circle '', `` altar '' etc.

A popular place among tourists in the valley is the Magic Circle, which is a small area surrounded by small stones along the contour, in the center of it there is a low column. According to legend, hugging this column can get rid of   negative energy.

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Topic: Valley”Stone Forest” in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Valley”Stone Forest” in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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