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The best aquariums in the world

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Image Whale shark in the aquarium

Looking at the blue expanse of the ocean, you experience a whole bouquet of feelings, from genuine interest to irresistible thrill. You can only see the inhabitants of the deep sea in such places, and this is very different from watching fish in an aquarium. Where are the best aquariums in the world located?

1. AQWA, Perth, Australia. This aquarium is located in the western part of the Australian continent, and it differs from its counterparts in its very careful and painstaking recreation of the natural habitat for underwater reptiles. About three million liters of water presses on the walls of the main tank, therefore, even the largest inhabitants of the deep sea have a place to turn around. Of particular interest to tourists is a 98-meter transparent tunnel, the road through which runs surrounded by fish, turtles and sharks. The aquarium has five sectors that collect marine life from different parts of Australia: Great South Coast, Perth Coast, Marmion Marine Park, Shipwreck Coast and Far North.

Image AQWA Aquarium, Perth, Australia

2. Oceanario de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. This aquarium is the largest in Europe. The main tank holds five million liters of water, however, there are four more around the main building of the aquarium, where the inhabitants of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans are represented. There you can even observe the inhabitants of the Arctic and Antarctic. In total, the waters of the Lisbon Oceanarium are home to about 8 thousand marine inhabitants and 500 plant species. In addition to sharks, moray eels, fish, barracudas and other underwater reptiles, here you can also find mammals like sea otters, and sometimes even birds - gulls and penguins. The main exhibit in the Lisbon Aquarium is the moonfish, which reaches three meters in diameter. This creature is very sensitive to environmental conditions, so not every aquarium can cope with its content.

Image Oceanarium Oceanario de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

3. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan. As the name suggests, this aquarium is located on an island in Japan called Okinawa. Created in 2002, for some time it was the largest in the world, the main tank here has a volume of 7.5 million liters. The building of the aquarium has a stepped view, and is divided into three sectors, located from top to bottom. The lower the level, the deeper the ocean reflects the sector. The first is inhabited by marine inhabitants that naturally prefer shallow water: corals, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and starfish. Colorful fish are also available. The level below represents underwater inhabitants who prefer deeper waters. Here you can see whale sharks in triplicate, stingrays and other unusual creatures. At the last level, tourists are expected by underwater creatures that naturally live at a depth of 200 to 1000 meters. Not every oceanarium has such.

Image The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan

4. The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA. At the moment, this aquarium is known as the largest in the world. The volume of its reservoir is 31 million liters of water, in which about one hundred thousand individuals swim. The Atlanta Oceanarium is divided into 60 sections of various themes, the largest of which is home to four whale sharks. The audience's favorite is manta Nandi. Scientists also work in this aquarium,

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Topic: The best aquariums in the world.The best aquariums in the world

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