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Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria, Burgas resort

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The Ethnographic Museum of the city of Burgas is today located in the two-story house of Bracolov, which was built by the lawyer D.T. Brakolov in 1873. The floors of the building are connected by an internal twisted wooden staircase.

There are two themes in the museum's exposition - - 'Traditional folk clothes XIX – XX centuries '' and `` Homework and folk fabrics. ''

On the ground floor, visitors can see the devices and fabrics used in the 19th century for one of the national crafts – weaving. The exposition begins with the preparation and processing of materials of animal and plant origin, and smoothly moves on to the forms of weaving – semi-weaving, weaving and primitive weaving. Here you can also see special devices for weaving cords used to decorate clothes, a machine for making belts that were used for commodity animals.

The first and second floors also display a functional variety of fabrics. Shown are kozinari, float, khalishta and chergi typical for the region of Strandzha – natural and multi-colored tones, fabrics for clothes, and fabrics for household use.

The topic is `` Traditional folk clothes '' housed in 20 museum showcases. The main type of women's clothing is a sundress. A wide variety of ornaments, motifs and colors are noted in its decoration. Men's suits are more monotonous, usually black clothes, decorated with black and dark blue lace.

The museum also displays a collection of children's clothing – diapers, fabrics, bassinet curtains, shirts, and more. One of the central places in the exhibition is the clothing used during the rituals. Women's, men's and children's costumes are complemented by a variety of beads and metal jewelry.

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Topic: Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria, Burgas resort.Ethnographic Museum in Bulgaria, Burgas resort

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