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Public house in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Public House, located on Republic Square in the Old Town district, is a striking example of Prague's Art Nouveau architecture.

The Public House was erected in 1912 on the site where the royal court was located during the reign of Wenceslas IV and up to the Habsburgs. The decision to build was taken by the city community. The construction of the building was entrusted to the architects Balshanek and Polivka. About three dozen famous artists and sculptors were involved in decorating the House.

After construction, the building was equipped with ventilation and central heating, as well as dust collectors, special devices for cooling basements, hydraulic and electric lifts, city telephone network, etc.

On the facade of the building, you can see the Glory to Prague mosaic by the artist Karel Spilla. On the sides of the House there are sculptural works"Humiliation and Resurrection of the People" created by Ladislav Schaloun.

Inside the building there are six halls, among which are B. Smetana's hall – the largest concert hall in Prague. Every year the colorful Prague Spring Festival opens in this hall.

The interior of the Municipal House amazes with its wealth and luxury. The rooms are decorated with many statues, golden chandeliers, paintings, frescoes and ornaments.

In 1918, it was here that the establishment of the Independent Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed, and in 1998 negotiations were held here between the Communists and the Civic Forum.

Today, the Municipal House also houses the famous coffee shop Obecni dum; and a French restaurant. Almost all European presidents, the Indian Maharajah, the Queen of Britain, and the Vice President of South Africa attended this coffee shop.


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Topic: Public house in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Public house in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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