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Japan Museums and Art Galleries

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ImageImageTokyo National Museum

In museums in Japan contains detailed information about the history of the country, numbering millennia. Art exhibits collected in museums, consisting of archaeological finds, works of art and crafts, demonstrate the world of Japan, give an idea of national traditions and customs.

The hierarchy of Japanese museums led by the Tokyo National a museum located in Ueno Park. It was founded in 1871 and is the first the Japanese Museum. Thanks to the extensive collection in the museum, you can trace the history of traditional Japanese art. The museum also has many historical and scientific exhibits.

National Museum contemporary art, located in Tokyo, contains beautiful works contemporary Japanese fine arts in chronological order.

The Kyoto National Museum first had collected works of art, which at one time were transferred from the next temples, and now the collection includes works of Japanese art, representing all periods of Japanese history.

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Kyoto National Museum

At the National Museum the city of Nara has a collection of Buddhist sculptures.

The capital of Japan has many art museums, including there are both state and private. They contain works of art Japanese arts that cannot be appreciated. Among them are the following three museums:

- Goto Museum, in collection which is a national treasure - the masterpiece"The Legend of Genji";

- Institute of Fine Arts Nezu Arts, which features a collection of items for the tea ceremonies, as well as exhibits related to Buddhism;

- memorial museum fine art of Hatakeyama, whose collection consists of highly artistic items for the tea ceremony.

All three museums have traditional Japanese gardens that create visitors when viewed works of art atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Tokyo is worth a visit also the following museums:

-Idemitsu Art Museum, which contains a collection of works of calligraphy, ceramics and painting Japan and China;

- Museum of Art Suntory, which contains a collection of antique art objects, representing the traditional way of life;
Suntory Museum Building in Tokyo

- Museum of Art Yamatane, which contains works of modernist and contemporary painting;

-Japanese Folk Museum crafts, which contains items of traditional crafts used in everyday life, such as fabrics, ceramics, etc .;

- Memorial Museum Ota Art, which contains works of Ukiyo-e genre painting.

Fujita Art Museum in Osaka has a rich collection of fine art from antiquity. also in Osaka, you can visit the City Museum of Oriental Ceramics, which contains items of Chinese and Korean ceramics, and the city museum of art, which there is a rich collection of Japanese and Chinese fine art works. Oyamazaki Art Museum-Villa in Kyoto stands out for being in the building, having an unusual shape. It houses a rich collection of ceramics.

In addition to museums with traditional fine arts, Japan has the Edo-Tokyo Museum, in where the history and lifestyle of Tokyo are represented by large scale mockups. IN Tokyo Municipal Museum Teien, which was built in 1933, can see authentic decorative compositions.

In Japan, many museums of modern art, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo works of both Japanese and foreign contemporary art. Exhibitions are held at the Tokyo Opera Art Gallery contemporary art with a new concept. At the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, which is located in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo, exhibits are collected representing various styles in contemporary art.

At the Museum of Art Tokugawa in Nagoya has a collection of swords, weapons, samurai paraphernalia and theatrical costumes.

In the museum of works Hiroshige on the views of Tokaido in Shizuoka Prefecture there are more than 1,300 prints by the famous artist, placed on the tree.

Hiroshige Museum of Art

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