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Town-Museum Tryavna in Bulgaria

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Travna is an ancient town and a valuable monument of Bulgarian architecture. The city is located in the central part of Bulgaria, 18 kilometers from Gabrovo. All houses in Tryavna have a rather original appearance and beautiful interior decoration.

Today Tryavna is a real open-air museum. Culture, beauty, fantastic nature, unique social environment, ideal ecology, as well as the European level of service make the city one of the best tourist centers on a European scale.

In addition, the city is a popular sports base, a training place for the Bulgarian football team and teams from neighboring countries.

The first secular Bulgarian school is located in the city. Tryavna is also one of the centers of the Bulgarian Revival. In the central part of the city, you can observe a sculpture created in the form of two women embroidering the slogan on the banner, which reads: `` Freedom or Death. '' The sculpture was erected in honor of the Bulgarians who died in the uprising, but laid the foundation for the liberation of Bulgaria from the rule of the Turks.

The main attraction of the city is the Orthodox Church. Like most buildings in the city, the roof of the church was covered with stones.

In the 17th century, a unique art school was formed in the city, the founder of which was the talented painter Vikenty Karchev, who studied in the Athonite monasteries.

In Tryavna, the churches of St. George and St. Archangel are also interesting, where carved iconostases belonging to several generations of the Vitana family are kept.

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Topic: Town-Museum Tryavna in Bulgaria.Town-Museum Tryavna in Bulgaria

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