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Holidays in Greece: visa, hotels, beaches and attractions

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Many people go to Greece just to catch a glimpse of the sights and spend the rest of the time sunbathing on the beaches, but in vain. In Greece, it is worth visiting wherever possible, for example, in a variety of restaurants where you can taste and appreciate local wines and dishes, as well as in shops and markets where you should buy an outlandish handmade thing, an unusual outfit or a special cosmetic means. In addition, Greece will appeal to both lovers of silence and spiritual practices, and fans of active entertainment. The Greek nature and seascapes are soothing and inspiring, and entertainment events and discos will not let you get bored even in the dark.

The locals are quite hospitable to the guests of the country, some tourists even manage to communicate with the Greeks. Greece has fans all over the world, because here the Mediterranean sea vacation is perfectly combined with visits to historical sites, the flavor of local cuisine, new acquaintances, bright shopping and active recreation. In addition, numerous hotels in Greece offer a variety of accommodation options for tourists, differing in the level of service, price category, comfort and convenience of location.

Regions and resorts of Greece


Athens is the capital of Greece, so you can meet a huge number of visitors here. Many tourists arrive here from other countries by landing at the international local airport. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, Athens is not suitable, because the city seems to be saturated with bustle, noise and sun. Athens is popular among fans of the history and myths of Ancient Greece, as well as among fans of excursions to local attractions: the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, the Eleusinian ruins and the Byzantine monastery of Daphni.




Crete is the largest Greek island known to most of the world's inhabitants. Locals claim that the great thunder god Zeus, as well as the notorious artist El Greco, was born here, so there are always a lot of tourists here. The cuisine of the island of Crete, according to its residents and guests of the country, is not only interesting and unusual, but also very tasty. Holidays in Greece are undoubtedly it is worth starting with a visit to this island and the capital - Athens.


o. Crete

Saronic Islands

The archipelago is located between the Peloponnese and Attica and is popular with tourists who want to stay at sea near Athens. During peak season, local beaches, especially on the island of Aegina, are almost completely occupied by tourists. The picturesque Saronic Islands also attract tourists thanks to the well-preserved temple of the goddess Aphaia.

Saronic Island

A number of islands are located very close to the Turkish coastline. Here are some of the most famous Greek resorts after Crete - Kos and Rhodes, famous for their magnificent beach areas and hotels, as well as a variety of sightseeing tours. The small island of Patmos is especially popular with those interested in history and culture.

The Sporades

The Sporades are a group of islands famous for their clear waters and golden yellow sand beaches immersed in lush greenery ... This amazingly beautiful place is located in the vicinity of Athens. Especially popular is Evia, the main island of this archipelago, where during the peak season there is such an overcrowded beach area that there is nowhere for an apple to fall.

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

Climate of Greece

The climate in Greece is very pleasant, Mediterranean, characterized by dry hot summers and warm humid winter. In general, it is about the same in different coastal resorts.


Visa to Greece

To travel to Greece, citizens of the Russian Federation must obtain a visa. Greece participates in the Schengen Agreement, therefore, the presence of a tourist"Schengen" of this country allows you to visit other Schengen countries. The documentary requirements are as follows: a passport valid for 3 months after the end of the trip, a completed application form, a hotel room reservation, a round-trip air ticket and proof of solvency.

Visa to Greece

Visa to Greece

IMPORTANT: Direct flights are operated by Aeroflot (daily flights to Athens) and Polet (from Voronezh to Athens and Heraklion once a week in the summer). How to get to Greece by car or bus? There is a highway Moscow-Sofia-Istanbul-Skopje. In addition, the Arda Tur company sends daily 6-hour tours from Sofia to Thessaloniki.

Last Minute Tours to Greece

Greece Transport

Greece's transport infrastructure is extremely developed, so buses and trains, as well as planes and ships, can easily take you anywhere in this unforgettable country. The rules for using vehicles in Greece are similar to those of the CIS countries.

You can buy a ticket for a trip in public transport at periptors (local kiosks) or in transport using terminals. There is no bus ticket sale in Athens.

The metro is only available in Athens. The overground metro line in the capital of Greece (from the local area of Thissio to the city of Piraeus) is one of the first European metro lines. It has been operating since 1869 (for comparison, the London Underground has been operating since 1863). Currently, the metro in Athens is equipped with 3 directions (lines), one of which is ground. Single and multiple-use tickets are sold at metro ticket offices and periptors.

Transport in Greece is quite convenient and affordable, but many tourists prefer to rent a car for easy travel to places of interest. The rental fee will depend on the class of the selected car, the season and the level of tourists visiting the country. The driver must have an international driving license, be between the ages of 25-70 and have a driver's experience of 3 years or more, recommendation - a credit card (optional). Private car rental companies have more relaxed requirements. Remember: the terms of the insurance policy must cover third party expenses and possible theft or theft of the car.

Currency in Greece

Greece is a member of the European Union, so the official currency is the euro. One euro is equal to 100 cents (or euro cents, as many call them). Before exchanging money in Greece for other currencies, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the current state of affairs.

Beaches of Greece


Balos is considered one of the best Greek beaches. It is located on the island of Crete, in a bay surrounded by mountains. There is no infrastructure here, in general Balos is a wild beach, although sun loungers can be found here. It is better to purchase food and drink in advance.




The elegant beach is located on the shores of the island of Ios, washed by the Aegean Sea. This place is perfectly protected from the effects of winds, so there are no high waves here. Clear water, golden sand and picturesque views of Manganari Beach attract a large number of tourists here.




The sand of Elafonisi beach has a pinkish tint, and the water is crystal clear. Sea shells, shells and corals, broken into crumbs, give the sand a whimsical color. The shade of local sand becomes even more pronounced under water, near and far from the coast. Elafonisi beach has a well-developed infrastructure, there are sun loungers, taverns, beach bars and many options for outdoor activities - windsurfing, diving and much more.




Sani beach is located on the Chalkidiki peninsula and is included in the list of the best Greek beaches. Coast covered with golden sand washed by the warm Aegean Sea and surrounded by bright greenery. On one side, Sani Beach is surrounded by a local ecological reserve.

The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, there are restaurants and bars, as well as clubs. For lovers of active recreation there is an opportunity to practice diving and other water sports. The local hotel complex offers visitors a wide range of services.




This crescent-shaped beach is located on the Greek island of Mykonos. The name of the island translates as"paradise", but for a family vacation this place is not the best option. The cost of recreation here is high compared to other resorts in Greece. At night, the coast becomes a place for dancing, so there are always a lot of young tourists.



More information about the best beaches in Greece

Shopping in Greece

Greece - it is a great shopping destination, not lagging behind, for example, countries such as Italy. Relaxing on Greek beaches and sightseeing in Athens and the surrounding area go well with a trip for exquisite interior decorations and outfits. For example, a decorative vase or a fur coat in Greece can be purchased at a fairly low price, of course, if you know where there are good places to buy specific goods.

There are more than 2000 fur factories in the city of Kastoria, for example, Estel Furs, Avanti Furs, Ego Group, Rizos Furs. In the shops located at these factories, you can successfully bargain, especially if the seller speaks Russian (which is not uncommon).

There are many large shopping centers in Greece, for example, Golden Hall, The Athens Mall and Notos Gallery in Athens, Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki, Outlets (shopping centers where popular brands are on sale at discounts) - Factory Outlet, McArthur Glen, Mega Outlet.

There are department stores in Greece where you can buy products - Sklavenitis in Athens, Masoutis in Thessaloniki, Ariadni in Crete, AB Vasilopoulos (premium supermarkets), Carrefour (worldwide supermarket chain), Lidl (German supermarket chain).

Among other things, Greece is famous for its markets (including flea markets and bazaars). Here, any visitor can purchase fresh produce at a low price, including olives and olive oil products, as well as Greek wine and feta made from goat and sheep milk. Remember: Greek markets usually close at about 3pm.

Especially popular shopping items in Greece:

  • Souvenirs and antiques;
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  • Olives and products based on them, for example, cosmetics, olive oil (extra virgin);

  • Wine. True, some varieties may taste overly sweet;
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  • Cosmetics with ginseng, sage, mastic, thyme and so on. The acquisition of brands such as Mastic Spa, Aphrodite, Bioselect and Helixir is especially relevant.

Greek cuisine

The geographical localization of Greece has determined the main ingredients of local dishes - seafood and fish. It is known that the first recipe on the planet originated precisely in this country, when a step-by-step instruction for the correct preparation of fish was created.

Fishermen supply their catch every day to restaurants in Greece and fish taverns (psarotaverns), so there is a wide assortment fish dishes. Greeks consume salted, dried, stewed, smoked, baked, stuffed, fried and pickled fish.

Entertainment in Greece

  • Windsurfing. The Athens Surf Nissalia club allows tourists to surf and kite surfing (training for beginner surfers, equipment rental is possible). The club is located 25 kilometers from Athens. In addition, there is Windsurfers' world kitesurfing station on the island of Rhodes, where both beginners and professionals can practice;

  • Water parks and aquariums. The aquarium, located in the northern part of Rhodes, contains sea turtles, molluscs, octopuses and corals. Crete is home to the Watercity Water Park, which offers 34 water activities and tropical specialties. Waterland Water Park in Thessaloniki welcomes guests of all ages. There are wave and hydromassage pools, rafting slides, as well as swimming pools for children and adults.

Attractions of Greece

Greece, the sights of which are numerous and varied, every day attracts an increasing number of tourists, including those who on their first visit failed to see all the antiquities and rarities. Some of the most recommended places to visit are the following important cultural and historical sites:

  • The Acropolis of Athens. Perhaps the most famous landmark in Greece and the main architectural monument of Athens. At one time, the Acropolis was built by the best architects and sculptors, and over the centuries this structure has not lost its greatness. In the center of the Acropolis is the Parthenon Temple and several other monuments

  • Asklepion. The temple is located on the island of Kos. In ancient times, the Greeks called hospitals and temples asclepions, because they were created in honor of a god named Asclepius. They went here for healing in the evenings and fell asleep in order to analyze dreams in the morning and prescribe appropriate treatment. It is believed that Hippocrates' classes were held here in the past;

  • Acropolis in Lindos. Its age - more than 3 thousand years, it is considered the second largest after the Acropolis in Athens. Here are the ruins of the temple of the god Apollo and the stadium, where at one time the Greeks held various ancient games, as well as massive tournaments;

  • The White Tower in Thessaloniki. The Greeks call it Couli Blanca. It is located on the boulevard near the sea coast. The modern building appeared on the site of an old Byzantine fortification;

  • Mount Olympus. A place known to children and adults all over the world. According to legend, the ancient Greek gods lived here. Olympus is located near the Halkidiki peninsula;

  • The Castle of the Knights of the Ioannites. The island of Kos was once ruled by the Knights of the Order of St. John. For two centuries, the indestructible fortress of Neratzia was built to defend against enemy invaders;

  • Labyrinth of the Minotaur. According to Legend, King Minos ordered to build a palace with an incredibly complex system of internal passages. Soon the king sent there the Minotaur - a monster with a bull's head and a human body, to which instead of food he brought 14 young men every seven years. Theseus saved people from the monster with the help of Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos, who gave the young handsome man a magic thread. The ruins of the palace are located 5 kilometers from Heraklion;

  • The sunken city of Olus. It is considered the"pearl" of Crete. The legendary city is located at the bottom of the Poros Canal. Olus used to be an important center for merchandise exports and had its own currency. The city is not in guidebooks and excursion routes, and there are no road signs to it, not every local resident knows the way to it. It is better for tourists to plan their way here clearly and in advance.

You can read more about the sights of Greece here //

Hotels in Greece

There are hotels and hotels of any level in Greece, they can be found on the islands and the mainland. There is both a"star" (1-5 *) and a"letter" classification of levels, starting from E (analogue 1-2 *,"no category") and ending with L (analogue 5 *,"luxury"). Often the service of an E-class hotel is much better than that of a C-class hotel (equivalent to 3 *).

 Hotel in Greece

Hotel in Greece

IMPORTANT: both large private (Hilton) and Greek chain (Louis and Chandris) hotels. Accommodation prices in such establishments start from 150-200 euros to 700 and more euros.


Pensions are a place where you can easily experience Greek good nature and hospitality. In the city, tourists are offered rooms and apartments with 2-3 beds and a shower, in the suburbs there are houses with 4 beds and all amenities. Prices vary from 40 to 60 euros per night, there are discounts. In big cities and large hotels, class C (3 *) accommodation costs 60-100 euros, class B (4 *) - 75-120 euros or more (depending on the location of the institution).


Many tourists and tourism specialists love Greece very much, but one cannot say that there are only advantages to rest there - this country has some disadvantages.


  • Very interesting sights;

  • Pleasant beach holidays;

  • Proximity to the European part of the country - Thailand, / p>

  • There is a language barrier, many Greeks do not even speak English, and there are often no signs in this language;

  • Some are not satisfied the level of service in hotels, as well as the fact that they rarely have an all-inclusive system;

  • Prices may be higher than in some budget destinations.
    / li>

IMPORTANT: In general, we can say that Greece is a great place for a varied vacation in the summer. Lovers of ancient culture will especially like it here. And if you are not interested in a beach holiday, then a trip to the country in late autumn, when the weather is still good and there are few tourists, would be an excellent option.

Reviews about holidays in Greece

For the most part, reviews about holidays in Greece are very positive. There are practically no completely negative reviews on review sites. This is mainly due to the fact that more experienced tourists usually go to Greece, or those who know exactly what they want to get from their vacation. It is good to have a rest in Greece alone, with your family and with children. The beaches, streets and hotels are clean, although some note that there is some neglect outside the tourist routes. Almost everyone loves the local nature and attractions.



Of the shortcomings, people mostly note the very scorching sun, visa regime, high prices for souvenirs and some frivolous attitude of the Greeks to life. In general, these shortcomings are insignificant, so almost everyone who has been there really likes a vacation in Greece.

Frequently asked questions about a vacation in Greece

Question: When is it better to go to Greece?

Answer: If you want to swim, then from April to the end of October, depending on the resort. If you are interested in excursions, then it is better to come in November, when it is already not hot, and there are much fewer tourists. And from mid-December to February alpine skiing is available on Olympus.

Question: Is it possible to drink tap water in Greece?

Answer: It's better not - buy water in stores bottles.

Question: What currency should I go to Greece with?

Answer: Best of all with the euro, since it is not profitable to exchange dollars here. You can take a bank card - there are a lot of ATMs everywhere.

Question: How comfortable is it to drive a car in Greece?

Answer: It is quite comfortable, the roads are good, and the drivers are polite and comply with traffic rules. This is due to the fact that the fines for violations here are simply huge, so be careful yourself.

Question: Where is the best place to buy fur coats in Greece?

Answer: In Kastoria, Paralia Katerini , Athens, Thessaloniki. It is possible in other resorts, but they are less tailored for shopping. The most convenient way is to purchase a shopping tour.
and the drivers are polite and comply with traffic rules. This is due to the fact that the fines for violations here are simply huge, so be careful yourself.

Question: Where is the best place to buy fur coats in Greece?

Answer: In Kastoria, Paralia Katerini , Athens, Thessaloniki. It is possible in other resorts, but they are less tailored for shopping. The most convenient way is to purchase a shopping tour.
and the drivers are polite and comply with traffic rules. This is due to the fact that the fines for violations here are simply huge, so be careful yourself.

Question: Where is the best place to buy fur coats in Greece?

Answer: In Kastoria, Paralia Katerini , Athens, Thessaloniki. It is possible in other resorts, but they are less tailored for shopping. The most convenient way is to purchase a shopping tour.

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Topic: Holidays in Greece: visa, hotels, beaches and attractions.Holidays in Greece: visa, hotels, beaches and attractions

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