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Bamboo in Japan

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Bamboo Grove

About 600 species of bamboo grow in the world, 150 of them grow in Japan ... These tall, tree-like plants are actually grass. Bamboo trunks are hollow on the inside, but strong. Despite the fact that bamboo sags under the gusts of wind, it gives the impression of calmness and reliability. A noble enlightened person is symbolized with bamboo.

The Japanese treat bamboo as reverently as they treat sakura and pine. For them, he is a symbol of happiness and purity. Bunches of pine and bamboo branches decorate the entrance to the house for the New Year, so that next year good luck and happiness will come to the house. Bamboo is treated like something living. There is a belief that a thin beauty dwells in the void of a bamboo stem, which will come out of it if the stem is cut. For Japanese culture, bamboo is a symbol of prosperity, peace and longevity.

Bamboo Blossom

In the martial arts, bamboo represents a wise, resilient and flexible person who resists storms and the trials that fate presents on his life path, and, bending, he will be able to withstand and not break in any situation. Even after difficult life trials, such a person always melts his shoulders and stands up again. Bamboo played a large role in samurai culture, among prominent samurai, armor and sword hilts were made of bamboo. He was for them a symbol of spiritual fortitude and purity. In modern martial arts, bamboo is always present in the form of katana samples made from it.

Bamboo sword

According to the principles of Feng Shui teachings, bamboo should be grown on the eastern side of the dwelling so that he brought financial prosperity, happiness and health to the house for its inhabitants. It is believed to create something like an energetic biomagnet that attracts positive energy, promotes good mood and ensures longevity. For the best effect, bamboo should grow in a transparent container filled with water.

Bamboo belongs to the family of cereals. This unique plant can grow to a height of 40 meters and 80 centimeters in diameter. Since bamboo is grass, a bamboo grove is just a meadow. Bamboo grows very quickly. After cutting, the meadow recovers quickly. Due to its rapid growth, there is a guarantee that there are no accumulated harmful substances in the bamboo trunks, therefore it is an absolutely environmentally friendly material.

Bamboo stems

Bamboo blooms once every 25-30 years. For the Japanese, its bloom is a bad sign that portends either hunger or disease. Bamboo takes a lot of energy to bloom, therefore, when it fades, it dies. Interesting, that bamboo stalks seem to be able to communicate with each other, as the whole grove blooms, as if by conspiracy, and sometimes neighboring ones bloom.

Bamboo is a versatile material, it is used in construction and gardening. It provides great opportunities for interior design of any room. It is used for the manufacture of furniture, various interior details, musical instruments and training buoys for martial arts.

The Japanese value bamboo very much and use it not only for decorative purposes, but also in heraldry. Many Japanese monks have an image of bamboo representing spiritual strength, purity, and happiness.

Bamboo scaffolding

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Topic: Bamboo in Japan.Bamboo in Japan

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