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The best beaches in Vietnam

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Image Phan Thiet Beach

Vietnam's coastline has length 3400 km. The beauty of the sea, beautiful sandy beaches, delightful lagoons and cozy bays, tropical forests attract fans of both beach and outdoor activities from all over the world. Choosing the best beach in Vietnam is probably impossible, but you can at least consider the best options.

The most popular beaches in Vietnam are located in the southern part of the country. The best time to visit these beaches is when there is no rain - from October to February. The rainy season starts in June and ends in October. In the northern seaside resorts, it is best to relax from May to August.

Image Mui Ne beach

Phan Thiet

At one time, Phan Thiet was just a fishing village, which was made famous by its famous fish sauce. Now the village has turned into a city with a population of 75 thousand people. During the season, vacationers are added to the indigenous population and there are many more people. Nowadays Phan Thiet has become a picturesque fishing town, in the coastal waters of which you can see many fishing boats. There is a beach a few kilometers from the city.

Image Vung Tau Beaches

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a very popular resort in Vietnam. The high season at this resort is from December to May. True, the beaches of Vung Tau are not particularly clean, but their popularity is due to their proximity to Ho Chi Minh City. Most of these beaches are occupied by Vietnamese, but you can also meet foreign tourists.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang often referred to as the Vietnamese Riviera. The white sand beach is 7 kilometers long and is located in a bay that is half-closed from the sea by the islands. The sea water temperature is never below +24 degrees. Near the coast of Nha Trang, you can find octopuses, squids, shrimps and many other types of fish. In diving centers located in Nha Trang, professional instructors teach diving. After training, there is the possibility of obtaining an international certificate. The most beautiful is Nha Trang when the sea is calm. The sea becomes transparent and azure, and the sky is incredibly blue. This is the best time for boat trips, which are the most popular tourist activity in Nha Trang. Most travel companies in Nha Trang offer one-day tours with scenic views, swimming in the open sea directly from the yacht and a lunch of national Vietnamese cuisine, as well as soft drinks and beer.

Image Nha Trang, Vietnamese Riviera

Phu Quoc

Fukuoka has a large number of beautiful beaches, both popular with developed infrastructure and uninhabited ones. There are plenty to choose from. With any choice, all the beaches of Fukuoka with clear water and soft clean sand. Truong Beach is the main beach of the island, which is its original trademark. Almost all tourists put it on the list of the most favorite Vietnamese beaches. Its length is seven kilometers. There are hotels and restaurants on the beach, but there is still a lot of free space to expand the infrastructure.

Bai Zai Beach became popular after bold advertising, before that they preferred to relax on it" savages". Its length is two kilometers. Now it is attractive not only for vacationers, but also for architects who work on special orders aimed at improving and developing the beach infrastructure.

Image Truong Beach, Phu Quoc

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ko Beach and Cat Dua Beach are the largest beaches on Cat Ba Island. They are located in the highlands. Some mountains have picturesque caves and grottoes, thanks to which lovers of mountaineering and deep-sea diving strive here. The water in the bays and grottoes of the beaches is striking in its transparency. Even at a depth of more than two meters, you can look at the sandy bottom and observe the colorful marine life.

There are several 5 * hotels on Catba Island. Much attention is paid to nature and attitude to it. Here they have preserved and cherish the ancient traditions of the way of life and the way of life of local residents, who still live in small bamboo houses made with their own hands. The roof in these houses is made of large, wide leaves of a palm tree. Those who want to experience the delights of the traditional Vietnamese lifestyle, can rent a similar hut at an affordable price.

Image Catba Island

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Topic: The best beaches in Vietnam.The best beaches in Vietnam

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