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The best beaches in Holland

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Image Domburg Beach in Zeeland

Despite the fact that Holland is located on the North Sea, beach tourism is quite developed in it. The country has long, sandy and very clean beaches. There are about 50 beach resorts throughout the Netherlands. All of them are located on the west coast of the Netherlands or the West Frisian Islands.

The west coast of the country is a huge 280 kilometers long beach. The sandy beaches of Holland are appreciated by tourists all over the world, not only for their cleanliness, but also for the fact that they are ideal for diving and surfing from May to October. But diving can only be done in special thermal insulating suits, since the water at a depth warms up no more than + 15 degrees. Domburg Beach in Zeeland is especially appreciated by diving and surfing enthusiasts. While diving, you can observe marine life: cuttlefish, starfish, crabs and lobsters. Interesting diving sites are the remains of ships sunk during World War II.

Image Beach at Schwenningen

Note that a beach holiday in the Netherlands is not suitable for families with small children, as even in summer the sea water reaches a temperature of only 18-20 degrees, in addition, there are strong ebb currents near the coast, which are dangerous even for experienced swimmers. Basically, the beach season on the beaches of Holland lasts from July to September.

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Topic: The best beaches in Holland.The best beaches in Holland

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