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What medicines are needed in Egypt?

Going on vacation to Egypt, you need to know one thing - and ndash; this is a country where tourists can face dangers not in the form of bloodthirsty predators or extreme natural locations, but in the form of the most banal infections, minor, but very unpleasant injuries, as well as poisoning.

Important: Most cases when tourists suffer precisely in Egypt, the reason is a violation of basic hygiene rules, lack of vaccinations or non-compliance with safety rules on vacation.

But, even the most protected categories of tourists are not insured against the disease, therefore every guest of Egypt should have a first-aid kit with him, which contains a minimum set of drugs for himself and all those close to him, with whom he goes on a trip.

It is also worth remembering that a number of drugs will require a prescription with the signature and personal seal of the attending physician. These drugs include hormonal drugs, drugs taken for cardiovascular disorders, as well as a number of painkillers.

The list of drugs banned for import into Egypt is updated annually. You can request such a list at the consulate, where you can also find out additional information about the rules for transporting specific medicines.

If the issue with the documents is resolved, then you can safely collect a travel first-aid kit.



Antipyretic and pain relievers

For many, a trip to hot countries begins with a headache. Getting out of the plane after being tested by pressure drops on the warm and dry air of Egypt, migraine-suffering guests often complain of exacerbations. Another common problem is – temperature rise during the acclimatization period.

Both of these troubles, as a rule, do not last long, but it is not worth delaying the elimination of symptoms either. A headache can be stopped with just one pill or capsule, and the temperature is knocked down by proven drugs that should be taken from home.

Need to take: paracetamol, ketorol, nurofen, nise, instant.




Exacerbation of respiratory diseases – another consequence of acclimatization, which can result in completely unpleasant consequences in the form of inflammation of the mucous membrane or even exacerbation of sore throat. It is necessary to treat this in the bud so that the rest is not spoiled by the proceedings with the insurance company and visits to Egyptian clinics.

You just need to remember that some antibiotics must be taken in a minimum dosage, strictly on the advice of a doctor.

Need to take: amoxicillin, sumamed or cetaflexin.



Remedies for indigestion

Indigestion with signs of food poisoning – another common problem for our tourists in Egypt. It is good if it is caused by a simple overeating at the buffet, and not dirty fruit or drinking water from the tap. In the second case, you definitely cannot do without a doctor's examination in order to eliminate the risk of infections.

If stomach problems are of a more prosaic nature, then here it is enough to understand the symptoms. If you have diarrhea – then a few capsules will save the day even before boarding an airplane. It is also worth taking care of improving digestion. One blister with tablets will be quite enough.

You need to take: mezim, loperamide, linex, immodium, activated carbon.


Activated charcoal

Allergy drugs

A rather rare problem for Egypt, but allergy attacks may occur to you on the most unexpected things - – animal hair, if you visit all sorts of contact zoos, and even local food. There is no need to start an allergy, as such nonsense can seriously spoil the impression of a vacation.

Forgetting allergy medications is not worth - – some medicines cannot be bought without a prescription in Egypt, but some of the names familiar to a Russian person - “; not sold here at all.

Need to get: suprastin, zyrtec, fenistil



In case of minor cuts and bruises

Corals — another nuisance that you may encounter on your vacation in Egypt. Corals are very beautiful, but you can get hurt about them!

If you know in advance that you will swim near coral reefs, then it is better to put in your first aid kit:

-   iodine

-   peroxide 3%

-   furacilin tablets

-   ethyl alcohol 70%

-   cotton wool and cotton swabs

-   bandage

-   adhesive plaster



What medicines cannot be bought in Egypt?

Egypt is considered an advanced African country, so the pharmacy is well developed here. However, there are a number of drugs that are sold in Egyptian pharmacies with special conditions, or not at all.

Here are some of them:
  • Analgin and drugs based on it have been banned in Egypt for a long time.
  • Activated carbon is far away not in all pharmacies in Egypt.
  • Buy suprastin or any other antiallergenic drug without a prescription will not work.
  • Under the brand name aspirin in Egypt, mainly paracetamol and other preparations based on it are sold.
  • Also in most pharmacies in Egypt you will not find phyto preparations. Local doctors prefer chemical pharmacy to herbal preparations.



First aid kit for a child

If you are traveling to Egypt with a child, then even at the stage of travel planning, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician about all possible exacerbations, as well as about those medications that need to be taken on the road.

Here's what you should definitely take:
  • Neosmectin – one of the best diarrhea remedies for children.
  • BF Clay – from cuts. Not the best way, but one of the most effective. It is better to attach a package of adhesive plaster to it.
  • Vasoconstrictor drops or nasal spray. A runny nose can overtake a little tourist at any stage of the trip.
  • Lozenges for sore throat – acclimatization in children may occur later. Than in adults, and the first symptoms of acute respiratory infections will appear only on the 3rd day.
  • Remedies for motion sickness, which, however, may be useful for adults.

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