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Magic tattoos of Thailand. What do you need to know?

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People get tattoos for themselves for different purposes. Someone wants to perpetuate the memory of an event, someone wants to challenge others, someone wants to attract attention, provoke, someone follows fashion trends, someone considers it art, but someone just likes to wear there is a drawing on your body.

There is a special category of people who believe in the magical power of tattoos, that they can seriously affect the life of the owner. Magic tattoos are very common in Thailand. They are called sak-yant. Only those who are deeply fond of its culture or tattoos know about this part of the culture of Thailand. Ordinary tourists, even if they see a tattoo on a Thai's body, do not attach any importance to it.


Sak Yant

The news of magical tattoos in Thailand thundered loudly in the Western world in 2004, when Angelina Jolie became a client of one of the Thai masters. She twice became the client of Ajyan Nu: first he made her a tattoo, which is called"ha teo" and is a five-line magic spell designed to bring good luck to its owner; For the second time, Jolie's choice fell on the image of a tiger, which as a result appeared on her lower back.

Jolie brought world-wide fame to the humble monk Ajyan Well, he became a very popular and very expensive tattoo artist.


Angelina Jolie Sakyant

How to choose a tattoo?

Before heading to the salon, you have to decide on two things - ndash; with the general style of the tattoo and with what will be depicted on it. It is very important to study all the sacred meanings of the drawing and the accompanying underwear inscription – believing masters pay great attention to this and may refuse to fill tattoos with an obvious aggressive meaning.

For tourists, tattoo parlors in Thailand offer three main styles: classic Buddhist tattoo style, Japanese style and modern. The style will not affect the content of the magic drawing, but the same visual spell, depending on the style, may look exactly the opposite.

The negative attitude of Thais to a magical tattoo can be provoked not even by a tattoo, but by the very fact that it was filled with a foreigner. There are too many cases when, after a tattoo parlor, tourists got into trouble precisely because of such tattoos.

Based on the above, conclude that magic tattoos in Thailand are – it is not just a beautiful drawing, but the subject of a real cult. Therefore, the stage of choosing a picture – the most important, sometimes even more important than the application process.

Applying sak yanta

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Topic: Magic tattoos of Thailand. What do you need to know?.Magic tattoos of Thailand. What do you need to know?

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