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Dangers in the USA

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USA – it is a popular country for travel, as there are attractions, beach holidays, and all kinds of entertainment. The level of security in the country corresponds to that of Europe, so if you observe minor security measures, nothing will threaten a tourist here.

Social hazards

In the first place in the USA, as in any developed country, there are far from natural hazards, but the dangers associated with people. There are not too many of them, but, nevertheless, they have a place to be.

Robberies and fraud

Robberies in the USA – this is a fairly common occurrence however, many American citizens carry weapons, so the robbers try to proceed with caution. Sometimes it is enough to give the burglar, say, $ 50 to solve the problem. In such a situation, you should behave very calmly and slowly, otherwise the burglar may think that you want to get a weapon.

It is not uncommon in the United States to steal from rooms, especially in motels. It is best to use a hotel safe, and also not to let strangers into the room.

Credit cards are quite common in the United States, and, accordingly, fraud with them.

The country still survives. black areas where the security level is very low. It is better for a tourist not to appear there – it is dangerous not only for the wallet, but also for life.

When traveling in the wild, food should be packed in bags so that it does not smell and is not visible. Sometimes food supplies are even recommended to be hung on trees, but not stored in a car or tent - they can attract large animals that have long been fed off the tourist table. Do not ignore the advice of guides and guides when visiting national parks and other natural places these people are well acquainted with the habits of animals and know what they are saying.

Not only large animals are dangerous, but even prairie dogs, ground squirrels and marmots – they often carry serious infectious diseases. For example, lately prairie dogs have almost always been infected with the plague.

Also, when visiting national parks, you should definitely have repellents with you – There are no fewer mosquitoes here than we have, and mosquitoes from the southern states often carry serious diseases, and their bites are much more painful than mosquitoes. In states to the east, ticks carry Lyme disease, and sometimes these insects are even found in city parks. A venomous snake can easily be found in Texas, and venomous spiders and scorpions are ubiquitous in Nevada, so you should be extremely careful.



In the south, in the semi-desert region, thorny plants are often found, including those covered with thorns, which can cause very serious damage to exposed human skin. Toxicodendron and poisonous sumac grow along roadsides throughout the country - these plants cause serious burns that do not go away on their own and require treatment with antibiotics and hormones. To avoid poisoning, you should not touch any plants at all.

The waters around Florida are home to such animals that like Portuguese boats. Outwardly, they look like huge jellyfish floating on the surface of the water. The tentacles of these animals cause serious painful burns, sometimes even dangerous to health.

Caution should be observed when swimming in the open sea off the coast of Louisiana and Florida. In some places, the sea here is polluted with oil waste from nearby oil platforms and tankers constantly passing here. Where there is no oil, sharks, barracudas and other very aggressive marine life can be found.

Swimming on the unequipped shores of the western states is quite dangerous - and ndash; here cold currents approach the very shore, which can easily carry a tourist into the open sea. In addition, the waves are strong enough here, and the local rocky coast is inconvenient for both entry and exit.

USA – it is a civilized western country, so you don't need any special vaccinations to travel here. In some provinces, far from major cities, there is very little risk of contracting rabies or malaria, but the general situation in the country is very favorable and very calm.

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Topic: Dangers in the USA.Dangers in the USA

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