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Things to do in Naples

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Tours to Naples are not as popular as tours to Rome or Venice, so for many Russian tourists this city is still shrouded in an aura of mystery and mystery. This is partly true - the old streets of Naples hide many secrets that can only be learned with close study. And, of course, all this will go alongside the legendary cultural heritage of the city.

For those who are just planning to visit this place, we invite you to get acquainted with the list of things to do in Naples.



Visit the pizza festival

One of the most famous food festivals in the world is held in Naples from September 13th. This festival lasts 11 days, regardless of the weather conditions and the influx of tourists - this is the only PizzaFest of its kind. During the days of the festival, local chefs and guests from other regions of Italy demonstrate their skills and recipes for preparing a world famous dish that has become a symbol of Italian cuisine - pizza. The cultural program also increases throughout the festival days in Naples.

Learn what sfogliatella is

The famous"rolled" puff pastry buns were invented in Naples a couple of centuries ago. The cooking recipe lies not only in the special preparation of the dough, but also in the baking technique, which results in unique confectionery masterpieces.

Important: In addition to the classic sfogliatella, there is also a shortcrust pastry cake. Its name contains the word" frollo". In general, in order to appreciate the true scope of the recipes, many connoisseurs of the dessert advise visiting as many bars and cafes in Naples as possible, where this unique delicacy is served.


Catacombs of Naples

Descend into the Catacombs

The underground quarters of Naples were once a very lively place in the ancient period in the history of the city. They were made in case of an enemy invasion, but later they were turned into a full-fledged quarter with residential buildings and even markets. A distinctive feature of this small underground part of the city is that it has been preserved in a state close to ideal. In addition to the foundations and walls, some buildings even have stained glass windows and mosaic frescoes decorating the facades.

Touching the history of the city

The history of Naples is not only Pompeii and other ancient ruins located in the vicinity of the city. It is also the city itself, which is a living monument of architecture and culture of several eras at once. You can start from the Archaeological Museum, but it's better to enlist the help of an experienced guide and just walk the streets under the bright sun, to see as many houses in the historic center as possible. By the way, in these quarters of Naples there is not a single building that would have been built after the 1900s, which only increases their value.


Street musicians

Listen to street musicians

The tourist center of Naples is never complete without musicians who play and perform songs right on the street, even in winter and during the rainy season. Leaving Naples without hearing the legendary" O Sole Mio" is considered a big omission. On holidays, the number of musicians on the streets increases several times, and tourists willingly pay several European currency bills into their hats.

Relax in Piazza Bellini

On one of the most ancient squares in Naples - Piazza Bellini - now you will not be crowded either day or night. This place has become a kind of Italian Arbat, where young people flock not only from all over the city, but also from all over the country. This is due to the several dozen music clubs located along the perimeter of the square. Each stage is located in an old house converted into a concert hall or restaurant with live music. In addition, there is a fair amount of nightclubs on Piazza Bellini, where a completely different audience comes to hang out - the golden youth of Naples.


Vesuvius Volcano

Climb the slope of Vesuvius

Vesuvius itself, dormant for several decades, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Tourism began to develop here at the very beginning of the 20th century, but a number of earthquakes simply destroyed all the lifts and funiculars leading up. Now you can climb the slope of the legendary volcano only on foot, but even this does not stop tourist groups. It is also worth remembering that the entrance to the slopes of the volcano is limited in time and seasons - due to possible accidents, tourists are not allowed here in the dark.

Get to know the classic art of Naples

The academic art of the city, first of all, means the Teatro San Carlo. Modest by Italian standards on the outside and luxurious on the inside, this opera house has become the pearl of the Neapolitan buildings of the 18th century. Over the centuries of its existence, the site has retained its classic layout and unique capacity - more than 3 thousand seats. As in the best years, world-famous stars and venerable Italian performers come to San Carlo - both opera singers and virtuoso instrumentalists.


MADRE Museum

Rate the MADRE Museum

Museum Site Museo d' Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina or simply - MADRE - is one of the reputable exhibition centers for contemporary art in Europe. It is believed that it is here that the most promising artists of our time - painters, graphic artists, sculptors - are identified. The museum pays special attention to sculptural installations that are appreciated by world critics and art historians.

Get to Sorrento

The legendary resort Sorrento, described in Homer's Odyssey , is now a real open-air museum, although many come here just for the beach holiday. The unique architecture of the place, reflecting millennia of history, many museums, entertainment areas for adults and children - this makes Sorrento the second city in the region after Naples. Goethe, Nietzsche and Byron walked along the local streets. Also popular among tourists are Sorrento's signature liqueurs, which are sold in colorful shops throughout the city.


Statue of Jesus under the Shroud

See Jesus under Shroud

One of the main shrines of Naples - the statue of Jesus under Shroud - is located in chapel of San Severo, built in the 15th century. The chapel, once the burial vault of a noble family, is now one of the key monuments of Naples and one of the most visited attractions. The sculpture, entirely made of white marble, depicts Jesus Christ lying with a translucent death bedspread.

Taste Neapolitan coffee

The exceptional feature of the Naples bars is that on par with Signature coffee is served here with legendary Campania wines. Gourmets from all over the world come here to try an invigorating drink, which, according to them, is different in absolutely everything - from the grinding of the grains to the preparation process. Neapolitan coffee is always brewed thicker than usual, so that the pop-up crumbs stay on the lips. By the way, do not forget about etiquette - here, as well as throughout Italy, you can drink cappuccino only in the morning and only on an empty stomach.


Bay of Naples

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