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What to take with you to Turkey?

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Turkey from year to year becomes one of the leaders in the number of Russian tourists. The swimming season here is limited by the warm months, therefore, closer to summer, there is a stir in most travel agencies. Following the excitement before buying the voucher itself comes another - vanity during the fees.


The capital of Turkey - Ankara

Like any other country, Turkey will require the guest to comply not only with weather conditions, but also elementary culture of behavior. Often, the last point depends on how the tourist will look, what he will wear, and what tools he will use.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the minimum recommended list of things, without which a vacation in Turkey may not be as comfortable as you would like.

Documents for a vacation in Turkey

Rules of entry to Turkey with January 2015 changed. Now, in addition to the visa-free regime, lighter document requirements have been introduced. To enter Turkey for a period of less than 30 days, the voucher is no longer required.

The rest of the documents that a tourist needs to have are:

Passport, valid for more than 4 months at the time of return to Russia;

Round-trip flights and their copies;

Booking confirmation hotel rooms on the whole vacation period;

Insurance policy with the coverage amount from EUR 30,000.

If you travel to Turkey for more than a month, then you will need a visa, which will need to be processed separately.


International passport

Packing a suitcase to Turkey


When traveling at the height of the holiday season or just during the hot season, you must take a certain set of clothes with you. If you plan to swim in the sea or just sunbathe on the beach, be sure to bring a pair of swimwear or bathing trunks.

Also, you cannot do without a light cap, a panama or a hat - you can earn sunstroke under the hot Turkish sun.

It would be better to take shorts or breeches with you - in short clothes it will be much easier for you than in trousers. In general, try to choose lightweight clothes made from natural fabrics - you will be much more comfortable in them in hot climates.

Cold evenings and sometimes days occur in Turkey, so a sweater or Sweatshirt will not be superfluous. T-shirts, T-shirts or dresses for girls are suitable for walking in the heat.

In winter, people rarely travel to Turkey, but for sightseeing or shopping this time of year is no worse than summer. Winter in Turkey is warm, but not so warm so that you can walk without a jacket and enough warm closed shoes.

In winter in Turkey, it is quite possible to do without sunscreen and towels, and nothing else is needed in comparison with summer , except that all clothes should be more closed and designed for approximately Russian autumn.


An example of clothing in Turkey


The choice of shoes should be approached with special care - uncomfortable shoes can ruin your holiday significantly. For excursions, take sneakers or any other closed comfortable shoes with you, under no circumstances Unfortunately, overeating is the most common cause of such troubles in Turkey, especially in national cafes. You can get seasick during a boat trip, which is also better to prepare in advance.

You also need to put iodine or another disinfectant, adhesive plaster and elastic bandage.

Your individual medicines must be included in the first aid kit.

If you have allergies, be sure to take anti-allergic drugs.

The prices for most drugs in Turkish pharmacies are unpleasantly surprising to Russians. Even aspirin can be worth crazy money here if imported. A number of medicines will simply be impossible to find - for example, activated charcoal, which is not sold in any form in most Turkish pharmacies.

In general, it is worth stocking up on the necessary medicines as much as possible, but in reasonable limits - too large stocks may cause suspicion of customs officers at the stage of inspection. In addition, a number of drugs may require prescription from your doctor, in accordance with Turkish law.


Pharmacy in Turkey

What to take when traveling with a child?

A trip with a child is a separate story. Firstly, special documents are required for it. From the age of 14, the child must have his own passport, and up to this age he must be registered in the parents' passport, and if he is older than 6 years, then also with a pasted photo.

In addition to documents, you need to take comfortable clothes that suits your child. When traveling in the summer, in no case wrap it up too much - the child will be as hot as you. It should be remembered that the child also needs a sun cream and sunglasses.

It is imperative to take a headdress for the child, even a few is better - being left without a panama or a cap in Turkey threatens sunstroke, especially for a baby.

Individual hygiene products it is better to take your child with you - they may not be available in stores. The child's nutrition should also be given special attention - it would be better to buy all possible products for him at home, before the trip.

Important little things

It is better not to take alcohol when entering Turkey, and if you wish to celebrate an event, you should limit yourself to one bottle of strong alcoholic beverage. Yet Turkey, despite its secular course, remains a Muslim country, and it is highly discouraged to abuse alcohol here. In addition, you can buy alcohol in the country in a limited number of establishments, and for drinking on the street you can end up in a police station.

Girls should not abuse cosmetics, no matter how much they want. Bright makeup can arouse an unhealthy interest in Turkish men, and it ends, in most cases, very sad. It is better to take only the cosmetics you need with you.

Some food products in Turkey are very difficult to find - for example, sour cream or rye bread. A separate conversation is sausage products, which are prepared here according to their own technology. If you cannot imagine your life without some traditional Russian delicacy, take it with you, but take care of reliable packaging with a readable composition.

But traditional Turkish products are better taken with caution. The famous coffee in Turkey is sold at every step, but real beans or high-quality ground coffee are sold only in very expensive stores.

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