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Things to do in France

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Tours to France, although they are not as popular with Russians as the Greek or Italian destination, still the most romantic country in Europe has consistently high attendance. Almost every traveler dreams of touching the secrets of Paris, but what can France offer a visitor besides its legendary capital? We have prepared for you a list of selected things to do in France at least once.



Try French cuisine

Regardless of the city of arrival, many tourists consider it their duty to appreciate the culinary traditions of France. Some guides have in their stock full excursion programs in the national French bistros, where every morning it is customary to eat a hot croissant and drink a cup of strong coffee. Also, a number of guests do not pass by the expensive restaurants serving ratatouille, legendary frog legs and other dishes included in the list of delicacies.

Explore the lavender fields of Provence

Provence is known not only for perfume shops and the cozy architectural style of its cultural capital – Avignon – it is also the famous lavender fields. Lavender blooms from June to early August – at this time, the largest number of tourists who chose a bus tour of the region are here. Compulsory stops include viewing the most picturesque fields with photographs for memory. Not only perfume and famous soap are made from lavender in Provence, the signature Provencal lavender honey is also very popular with guests.


Provence lavender fields

Taste real French wine

Bordeaux or merlot – often this choice is made only in liquor stores, but real French wine is best drunk in its homeland. Where will you do it – in a restaurant or hotel room – It's up to you to decide, but the choice of drink should be taken seriously. Wine tasting culture in France has ancient traditions, but the surest way is – choose wines according to the seasons. For example, in November, the French finalize the preparation of young wines, and present them to the tasters. Tourists are also eager to try BeaujolaisNouveau.

Shopping in Marseille

It is believed that Marseille is – one of the most expensive cities in France, especially at the height of summer. But very often local French branded clothing stores arrange grand sales with prices that are not always possible to see in the uniquely expensive Paris. It is best to come here for shopping at the very beginning of autumn, or before Catholic Christmas, but then you need to be ready for huge queues at the checkout and emptying counters in a matter of hours.



Relax in the French countryside

France – these are not only large cities with majestic castles and palaces, but also thousands of settlements, communes and farming villages, where tourists go for an alternative vacation away from noisy Europe. For example, in the suburban area of Normandy, you can always stay in a private cottage or branded French chateau, to experience the village life and the working life of the harsh French farmers.


Sunbathe on the beaches of the Cote d'Azur

The southern region of France, known as Cote d'Azur coast is a region unique in its natural qualities. In addition to the climate, there are a number of other advantages – namely – architecture of the typical French south, which cannot be found in any European country. Beach hotels here – some of the most expensive in Europe. Therefore, the specifics of rest on the Cote d'Azur include indispensable elements of elite vacations with SPA-salons, promenades and restaurants. The main cultural event in the region is the Cannes Film Festival, held here in July.


French Riviera

Visit one of the festivals

Legendary French festivals are not limited to Cannes. What is the international Avignon Festival of theatrical art, each performance of which `` thunders '' on all stages of the world. The Festival of Comics in Angouleme attracts more and more young people from all over the world every year, and the Festival of Light in Lyon is considered one of the oldest festival in all of Europe. You can get a touch of French history at Choregy of Orange – The amphitheater of the ancient city has been the stage for a music festival for 150 years.

Rent an apartment in a real chateau

Today, the word `` chateau '' can be called any country mansion built in the late feudal European style. Traditionally, in France, this word was used to refer to an aristocratic estate, which has certain elements of the castle style. Rent a room in a real chateau, turned into a hotel, – very expensive pleasure, comparable only to the prices of five-star hotels. Nevertheless, every year there are fans of this type of recreation. Chateau is especially popular among newlyweds.


Loire Castles

Sail to Mont Saint Michel Abbey

An island in Normandy and Mont Abbey -Saint Michel – the place is legendary. According to official statistics, there are slightly fewer tourists here than in the Louvre and near the Eiffel Tower, which makes the ancient monastery the third most popular place in France. What attracts guests here the most is – unique architecture reflecting one and a half thousand years of history or medieval legends associated with this place – can only be recognized by being on this northern French island.

Drive through the Loire castles

To the Loire Castles architectural complex, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, officially included 75 sites located in the valley of the Loire River and its many tributaries. During the Renaissance, there were summer and winter residences of French kings and aristocrats close to the court. One of the most famous castles here is Castle of Amboise – only tens of thousands of tourists come here every year to see the grave of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci.


Picnic on the Champ de Mars

Have a picnic on the lawn

A kind of French tradition – do not go far out of town, and arrange family or romantic picnics right on the lawn in the nearest park. Very often tourists adopt this habit of the French, and on the second day of the tour they join the rest on the lawns. The only immutable rule is – keep clean after yourself and not litter.

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