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Where to relax with a child in England

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Image Ancient castle

The trip to England will be especially interesting for children of any age. It is exciting to travel to the places where the actions of your favorite books took place. All children will love the old castles, of which there are many preserved in the UK.

Image Childhood Museum, London

Despite that there is no Disneyland in England, there is a lot to see for children. For example, in London in the Museum of Childhood you can see children's toys, clothes, strollers, baby dishes and accessories. All expositions of the museum are memories of childhood, young visitors will be able to look at the dolls and toys that they played with in previous years. There is also a similar museum in London - the Pollock Toy Museum. Here, three floors are occupied by collections of toy theaters, here you can see scenery for performances and characters from them. Young children will find it interesting to look at the collection of dolls and teddy bears.

Image Pollock's Toy Museum

Thanks to Joan's books Rowling about Harry Potter, many children learned about London and England. Not far from London, the Harry Potter Museum is registered in the town of Leavesden. All films about the young wizard and his friends were shot here. For this, two huge pavilions were involved. The museum has preserved movie sets, models, books, props, costumes, and magical items that were made for filming. Visitors can admire Mr. Weasley's flying car and stroll down Diagon Alley.

Image At the Harry Potter Museum

Interesting to visit with children London Zoo, which is located in Regent Park, it was created in 1828 to do scientific work, but in 1847 it became available to everyone. Now it is one of the best zoos in the country. The zoo has many different exhibits. There is a “Children's Zoo”, divided into two zones: in one zone, you can learn how to take care of pets, in the other you can learn how to care for wild animals. The zoo houses the first stationary aquarium in the world, opened in 1853.

Image London Zoo entrance

Great interest for children in London presents the Museum of Science. Through interactive expositions, visitors get acquainted with the history of science, the development of technology and the latest achievements in technology and various fields of science, as well as with the world of dinosaurs, ecology, digital technologies, etc.

In the Guinness World Records, you can see all the famous world records. The museum displays an exhibition of incredible things made by craftsmen that have entered the Guinness Book of Records. In front of the entrance there is a figure of the tallest man in the world, whose height is 2.7 m. It is interesting that all the exhibits in the museum can be touched by hands, this is very attractive for children.

Image Science Museum

There are a lot of museums that will be of interest to both adults and children: the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Public Transport, the Imperial War Museum, etc. The attraction of the capital is Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Naturally, while in London, one cannot but visit the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum, located on the famous Baker Street, which was opened in 1990.

Image Sherlock Holmes Museum

one of the 4 Legolands, which is located near Windsor. Its construction required about 50 million designer parts. The park consists of 9 thematic zones and about 50 attractions. All structures, vehicles, landscapes and much more are made from Lego parts. In the park you can take a boat ride through waterfalls, go up in a hot air balloon, wander through the labyrinths and many other attractions. In the"Driving School" located in the park, after passing the necessary exams, young drivers can get a license. The park hosts children's shows and puppet shows.

Image Legoland

Not far from London there is a large Amusement Park - World of Adventure in Chessington. There are many different attractions in the park for all ages: you can ride on carousels, there are playgrounds for kids, and you can also have fun on water sports, a roller coaster, and an uncontrolled train. In the park you can see vampires from Transylvania, a pirate ship, etc.

Image World of Adventure Chessington

County Kent is home to the Dickens World Park, which reproduces the streets of London from the time of Dickens. In the park is the haunted house where the curmudgeon Scrooge lived, Newgate Prison, School. Here you can take a boat ride on the muddy Thames. Visitors can see people in Victorian robes dressed as thieves, flower girls, and rat catchers. Toddlers can play in Fagin's Lair playground.

Image Dickens World Park

In Staffordshire, visit Drayton Estate, the oldest family-run amusement park. The local attractions are represented by carousels, cars. In the park you can see the medieval kingdom, the land of the Thomas the train, the Wild West, and fairy-tale characters that will be of interest to kids. There is a 4D cinema on the territory. Staffordshire boasts another famous amusement park, Elton's Tower. There is a castle on the territory of the park, which was reconstructed at the beginning of the 19th century. Ghosts"live" in it and everything is filled with mystery. Visitors can have fun with rides designed for all ages. In the park you can visit the water park and the aquarium.

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