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North or South Goa? Choosing a vacation to your liking

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Goa – an amazing Indian state, a real tropical paradise. In the 70s, hippies attracted by the wildlife and spirituality of Goa brought here an atmosphere of endless fun and relaxation. Children of flowers still live in these places as whole communes, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding world and a sense of complete freedom. It was after the hippies that ordinary tourists from all over the world began to come here, turning Goa into one of the most popular resorts.

Goa is conventionally divided into two large parts, north and south. The differences between North and South Goa are not obvious at first glance, but they are significant - and ndash; these areas cater to very different groups of vacationers.

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Climate and beaches

These two parts of the same state have very similar climates. Minor temperature fluctuations do not depend on the state, but on the geographic features – the flat lowlands are usually windier and cooler, and hotter between the mountains. There are such places both in the North and in the South. The best time to relax – from mid-October to mid-April, when the heat subsides and there is almost no rain.

If we talk about the beaches, their quality is significantly different. In terms of purity and beauty, the South is much better than the North. In North Goa to Baga, the sand is coarse, with gray impurities. To the north from Vagator to Arambol, there are very dark volcanic sands with clay. In the South, the sand is yellow everywhere, fine, pleasantly creaking underfoot. The sea above such sand is also cleaner, transparent, and has a pleasant bluish color. However, the cleanliness of the southern beaches is spoiled a little by the smoke from the Zuari fertilizer plant – it can be seen as far as Majorda.

The beaches of North Goa are much more crowded and noisy. This is a plus for lovers of parties and entertainment, but a minus for lovers of quiet rest and privacy. True, there are also quieter secluded places, for example, the coast near the fishing village of Arambol or in Ashvem. But in the North, such beaches are rather an exception. If earlier Vagator and Anjuna were considered uncrowded, today they have long been mastered by tourists and have lost their former attractive silence and `` wildness. ''

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Topic: North or South Goa? Choosing a vacation to your liking.North or South Goa? Choosing a vacation to your liking

Author: Kelly Costine