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New Year in Goa

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ImageThe first tourists appeared in Goa 70s of the XX century. Attracted by the Indian culture and warm climate, tourists from all over the world began to come here, primarily hippies. The state had almost no infrastructure, and flower children founded real communes here. Gradually the atmosphere of relaxation and endless fun attracted organized tourists here; hotels, equipped beaches and other necessary infrastructure appeared in Goa. And it has become especially fashionable to celebrate the New Year in Goa.
Tourists begin to flock here in the 20th of December. The first to arrive are Europeans On the 25th, Catholic Christmas is celebrated in a big way. A little later, the Russians arrive, and 31 large-scale festivities begin throughout the state.
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Goa it is subtropics, so the weather is good 365 days a year. And in December and January the climate is as favorable as possible there is no rain at all, and the humidity is very low, so the heat of +30 ° C is very easily tolerated. The water warms up to +28 ° C, so all tourists actively swim and dive.
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