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Goa or Thailand

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Having decided to go on a tropical vacation, a number of tourists ask themselves a difficult question: what to choose – Goa or Thailand – and how can a single Indian state be better than an entire country, and is it generally correct to compare them? In fact, the question is quite logical, because many observers draw parallels between the beach resorts in Thailand and two areas of the most visited state in India. And they find a lot of advantages on both sides.

Travel portal VipGeo tried to understand this problem, and find out where it is better to fly on vacation, where it is cheaper, more interesting and safer.

  • Climate
  • Attractions
  • Attitude of local residents to tourists
  • Police work
  • Influence of religion
  • Food quality
  • Hotel service
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Safety for children
  • Visa issue
  • Tour prices
  • Conclusions


С the weather conditions in both resort areas are relatively clear, but there is still a significant difference. Goa – these are typical tropics with a pronounced seasonality, summer in the second half of the year and a high risk of tsunamis, floods and hurricanes from May to October. The minimum air temperature in the high season does not drop below +27 ° C in the shade, and short-term rains at this time only come at night with a quick clearing.

Thailand is geographically stretched from north to south, because some islands, including Koh Samui, are close to the humid equatorial zone, where there is a lot of rainfall all year round, and the Chiang Mai region is located not far from the southern subtropics. The official season in Phuket, Pattaya and other popular resorts lasts from November to April, these days the air warms up to + 30 ° C. As for precipitation, short-term rains can also go during the day, but they will not interfere with rest.

Thailand is the most suitable option for the low season. Observers say the risk of hurricanes remains from May to October, but often the main problem will only be gloomy skies and sudden downpours from which you can hide under a canopy. Goa's main danger at this time is – not so much wind as high waves,

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Topic: Goa or Thailand.Goa or Thailand

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