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Holidays on Koh Samui, or”Thai Maldives”

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At the end of the 20th century, the interest of tourists in Thailand has increased dramatically. In its mainland, noisy discos and an adult entertainment industry flourish, but on the islands they mainly stop to lie on the beach and swim in the pristine Indian or Pacific Ocean. One of these islands is Koh Samui – a paradise with white beaches, picturesque waterfalls and unspoiled nature. Until the 20th century, there were practically no people here, so the nature was preserved in its original form. Only in the 70s did the first `` wild '' begin to come here. travelers, and then organized tourists – and vacation on Koh Samui has become as popular as in Phuket.

In Thai terms, a trip here guarantees a sabai-style relaxation. This is a capacious word – it combines a relaxing holiday without rush and fuss, harmony of body and soul, complete happiness and contentment.

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The best weather on the island – from mid-December to April. There are especially many vacationers in December and January – New Years are celebrated here. The air temperature at this time is about +30 ° C, the sea is warm, but there is no rain.

If you like a `` hotter '' vacation, then May-June on Koh Samui was created especially for you. Tour prices are falling, but the air temperature rises to almost +40 ° C. The humidity also gets higher. But it is at this time that a huge amount of fruit ripens.

From June to December it rains on the island. Most of the showers fall in September-November, the rest of the time showers are regular, but do not last more than an hour. Precipitation is accompanied by high humidity and muddy water, but many people still rest comfortably at this time and do not encounter heavy showers.

Sea and beaches

If there is a place in Thailand that can be called a tropical paradise – then this is Samui. The sea here is not as azure as in the Maldives or Seychelles, but this is fully compensated by the purest white sand, lush vegetation and an atmosphere of silence and mystery. It seems that the island still remembers how quiet and peaceful it was without people, and constantly reminds tourists of this.

The beaches here are diverse. The most popular ones stretch along the north and east coast. There are many stones in the south and west, the sea is shallow, but there are practically no people – this is where the most popular wilds are located. beaches.

For permanent relaxation, beaches with developed infrastructure are best suited. The leader among them – Chaweng, along which there are numerous shops and cafes. It's always fun and there are a lot of tourists. At dusk, it's nice to watch the planes coming in.

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Topic: Holidays on Koh Samui, or”Thai Maldives”.Holidays on Koh Samui, or”Thai Maldives”

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