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Former dacha Golubka description and photo - Crimea: Alushta

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Former dacha

Former dacha "Dovewing" description and photo - Crimea: Alushta. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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In a small cozy Alushta, there are many summer cottages that cannot be seen all in one vacation. One of the best is the dacha with the romantic name "Dove". A beautiful love story between Nicholas II and Princess Alice is associated with her.

This building appeared thanks to the insurance company in 1826. Only at the end of the nineteenth century it was acquired by the tsarist general Golubev. At present, the Golubevs' dacha is a seemingly inconspicuous structure built with the use of diorite stone. But the historical events that took place there gave it great fame.

In 1894 this building was considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Alushta. In the same year, at the dacha, there was a meeting of Nicholas II, who was not yet the emperor of the Russian Empire, and his future wife, Alice of Hesse-Darmstadt (Empress Alexandra Feodorovna). After this significant meeting at the Golubka dacha, they left for Livadia, where Alexander the Third was living out his last days. They rushed there to receive a parental blessing for marriage.

This event was captured on a memorial plaque, which was located on the front of the building. In 1917 it was torn down and destroyed by the ruthless hands of the Bolsheviks. But some time ago the memorial plaque was restored, or rather, as many as two memorial plaques now adorn this building. The first plaque captured the fact that Joseph Stalin was in this building, who stopped on the way to the Crimean conference. This plaque is dated 1945. Dacha "Golubka" is located near the road, in the direction of Simferopol-Yalta. This made it a "traveling house" for Stalin.

The second memorial plaque contains the memory of the first Soviet government established throughout Crimea. The participants of the former Republic of Tavrida were kept in prison for a long time in the basements of this dacha, after which they were shot near Alushta.

Today the Golubka dacha is an inconspicuous building. The Central Library of the city of Alushta named after Sergeev-Tsensky is located in 18 rooms.

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Topic: Former dacha Golubka description and photo - Crimea: Alushta.Former dacha Golubka description and photo - Crimea: Alushta

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