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Diving in Italy

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Diving is one of the most popular sports and recreation in Italy, and , this applies to both the local population and visiting tourists. The country is washed by five seas: the Mediterranean, Ligurian, Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. And on its territory there are large deep lakes. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for diving in Italy.

The best period for diving in Italy is considered to be from April to October. In the summer you can wear a 5 mm wet suit, at other times, Italians who like warmth and comfort use dry suits. The islands of Sicily, Elba, Sardinia, and the Pontic archipelago are popular for diving. Italy has its own diving federations FISA, the island SUB and ESA (European Scuba Agency), which are subordinate to CMAS; many dive centers also offer PADI and BSAC training systems.
Image Underwater world of the Portofino Marine Reserve
The Italian Riviera stretches from the French border to its west coast. Liguria is a small region of Italy, it is a narrow strip of territory from Tuscany in the east to France in the west. Eastern Liguria includes some of the most beautiful places in Italy - the capes of Sestri Levante and Santa Margherita, Portofino and Rapallo. The most popular diving site is Portofino and the marine reserve of the same name, which stretches far beyond the cape. You can find beautiful coral gardens under the water, there are more than 20 diving sites here, this place is rightfully considered the best for diving in the Mediterranean.

For the island of Elba, it was an additional impetus to development that the island is home Paul's octopus, predicting the results of the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches. It is very popular in the Elbe diving region – Punta de Fetovaia, it gained popularity due to its bright and rich underwater world, red corals, pelagic fish and steep walls that go into the depths.
Image Elba Island — homeland of Paul's fortune-teller
Image Diving in Punta de Fetovaia

The most famous and fascinating region for diving is the island of Sicily. The clear coastal waters of the Sicilian cities of Syracuse, Taormina, Pantelleria, Lampedusa and Ustica keep at their bottom ships that belong to the era of Ancient Rome, as well as those who participated in both world wars. In the city of Achi Trezza, diving centers organize tours to the Cyclops rock, where, according to legends, Odysseus was held captive by the monster.

In southeastern Italy, off the coast of Barletta, there are two wrecks at the bottom: HMS Quail, which was blown up by a mine, and a small submarine HMS Regent.

In the coastal waters of the Tremiti Islands, there are many different corals that look like vertical pillars. These tall coral formations are home to moray eels and various colorful fish. If you move north along the Adriatic coast, you can find several wrecks on the Konero Peninsula, for example, a freighter that sank near the rocky peaks of the Two Sisters. near the shores of Ancona.
Image Rock of Cyclops

Lakes located in the north of Italy, are also of interest to diving. It has excellent underwater visibility that cannot be compared, for example, to the underwater visibility on the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. At the bottom of Lake Garda you can see the sites of famous military battles that took place here in ancient times.

All along the Italian coast there are many diving clubs that you can join and become a member of. There are also many diving schools, where beginners learn scuba diving and swimming in the depths of Italy with experienced instructors.
Image Wreck off the coast of Barletta


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