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Country of Maple Syrup

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In Canada and the United States, sweet maple syrup, obtained from maple sap that grows in these countries, is very popular.

Maple syrup is obtained from maple sap, which after preliminary evaporation becomes a thick consistency. The sap is obtained from the trees of the Sapindov family, which include the following types of maple: black, sugar, silver and red. These types of maples can reach heights of up to 30 meters, and their trunk diameter can be more than a meter. Maples are native to North America.

Maple syrup was first written about in 1760. The written mention says that maples grow in Canada, which provide a lot of healthy and refreshing juice, which is suitable for making special sugar. Even before Europeans discovered America, the American Indians of the Winnebugs and Chippew tribes used maple syrup for cereals, soups, vegetables, and meat dishes. Various drinks were prepared from it and sugar was obtained. The Indians taught the first settlers from Europe how to extract and process maple sap.

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Although it has been many years since maple sap was discovered for Europeans, the technology for producing the syrup has practically not changed. Tapping usually takes place from late February to late April. In spring, the vitality of trees is activated, the juice acquires the most useful qualities and becomes very sweet. At this time, holes are drilled in the trunks of trees with a diameter of one and a half centimeters and a depth of no more than five centimeters. Troughs or tubes are inserted into the holes obtained. The juice flows down these tubes and is collected in special containers. Thanks to evaporation, the juice is brought to the desired concentration, spending several hours on this. This process produces maple syrup. To get one liter of syrup, you need about 40 liters of juice. It is important that when collecting sap they do not harm trees; it can be collected from the same trunk for several years.

Wedge syrup looks like a translucent or transparent liquid that is very aromatic, thick and viscous. Its consistency is similar to fresh bee honey, which has an amber color with various shades. The most aromatic maple syrup is dark amber in color and is harvested at the end of the season. At different stages of evaporation, different products are obtained - derivatives of maple syrup: butter, sugar and honey.

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In Canada, maple sap harvesting is especially developed. A lot of sugar maple grows on its territory, which is a national symbol. In the center of the national flag of Canada there is an image of a maple leaf. The main producer of maple syrup is located in the province of Quebec.

National American and Canadian cuisines widely use maple syrup for their dishes. It is a sweet addition when served with ice cream, waffles, pancakes and pancakes. It is often added to vegetable and meat dishes, baked goods, sauces and desserts. It is used as a natural substitute for sugar in baked pastries.

The largest quantities of maple sugar and syrup were produced between 1850-1890. But over time, he lost the leading role, giving it to cane sugar, which is much more profitable to produce. But, despite this, the tradition of celebrating the holiday has remained in Quebec, called the"Sugar Cabin", which takes place during the season when maple syrup is harvested. The celebration takes place in the forest near the places where maple sap is collected. The festive table is decorated with traditional dishes: beer, which is brewed in maple syrup, ham baked in syrup, omelet, which is abundantly watered with maple syrup. Sweet caramels are prepared for children in front of their eyes. To do this, hot syrup is poured into the pan in which there is pure snow. Then the uncooled syrup is wound on sticks. It reminds us of our"cockerels" - lollipops.

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In the manufacture of maple syrup, no chemical components, fillers or preservatives are used - it is a purely natural product. The syrup contains a lot of calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and potassium, and it also contains all the B vitamins, including the rare thiamine. Maple syrup contains antioxidants, including polyphenols, that can help fight cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Maple syrup is a natural immunostimulant that enhances potency, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes. This natural product is found in foods recommended for a healthy diet. It is an excellent substitute for sugar, jams and preserves. The only contraindication is that maple syrup contains a lot of glucose,

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