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Great Britain superstitions

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Among Britons are many superstitious people who regularly believe in omens, and try to adjust their lives to them.  

Let's start with luck:

1. To enlist the support of Lady Luck for a whole month, you need to start the first day with the words  " rabbit rabbit rabbit". Various variations of the word rabbit are allowed, it can be pronounced in the plural, or with the prefix"white", but it must be repeated three times and must be heard. Especially superstitious people perform this procedure in a pipe in order to enhance the effect.

2. The black cat also brings good luck to the British. In our country, and in many parts of the world, a black cat that crosses the road is in trouble, but in England fluffy pets are welcome.  

3. The symbol of good luck in the United Kingdom is the four-leaf clover. Clover is generally a positive plant, its petals correspond to Faith, Hope and Love, and the fourth leaf - to Luck.Image

Black cat

4. You can provide yourself with luck by tying shoes to the car of the newlyweds. The custom was formed quite a long time ago, earlier they threw a wedding into the carriage with a boot, and the one whose boot reached the goal became lucky. Sometimes, instead of a wedding, the birth of a child is used.

5. The British also have a way to attract large cash inflows. To do this, you need to catch falling leaves in the fall.

6. In England, it is customary to knock on wood to prevent the evil eye.

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Topic: Great Britain superstitions.Great Britain superstitions

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