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Sculpture ”Crew” description and photos - Belarus: Minsk


Sculpture "Crew" description and photos - Belarus: Minsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The sculpture "The Crew of the Governor Zakhariy Korneev" was installed on Freedom Square in front of the City Hall in Minsk in 2007 on the day of the city.

The author of the sculpture is the famous Belarusian sculptor Vladimir Ivanovich Zhbanov is the most beloved and popular sculptor in Minsk. Kind and humane sculptures by Vladimir Zhbanov populated the streets and squares of Minsk, giving it an unforgettable flavor.

Governor Zakhary Korneev was the first governor of Minsk after the annexation of the city to the Russian Empire. He was appointed to this position by the tsarist authorities in 1796. Under Korneev, two city gardens were laid in Minsk, the city was improved, there was more order in it.

The sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov created his sculpture based on a photograph of the governor's crew of the 19th century. Why the crew was depicted as empty is unknown. There is no governor or even a coachman in it. Only horses and a carriage. As conceived by the sculptor, the governor's carriage is waiting for Zakhariy Korneev at the town hall, while the mayor is busy with important matters.

After the death of Vladimir Zhbanov, the people spread fame about the mystical properties of his sculptures. Tourists often like to be photographed in the "Crew", however, sometimes there are not enough riders in the photographs, and sometimes some persons belonging to another era appear. They also say that if you sit in the "Crew", it will bring good luck in your travels. A photograph of the newlyweds in this mystical carriage also brings good luck in family life. However, all these rumors refer to urban legends,

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Topic: Sculpture ”Crew” description and photos - Belarus: Minsk.Sculpture ”Crew” description and photos - Belarus: Minsk

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