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Sumo wrestling is the national sport in Japan, which belongs to the martial arts. Professional sumo competitions are held only in Japan, in other countries, sumo wrestling is popular, but only at the amateur level.

The history of sumo wrestling has ancient roots, the first mention of her belong to the era of Yaya, which lasted from 300 BC to 250 AD. At this time, sumo was a Shinto ritual ceremony that gradually developed into a combat duel. When samurai was formed, sumo wrestling began to play a large role in training warriors, as it developed the skill to stand firmly on their feet. Professional sumo wrestling competitions began to take place in the 16th century. The rules by which the struggle was fought changed all the time. Final 72 receptions and other rules were adopted in the 17th century under the Tokugawa shogun, which have remained unchanged to this day.

Sumo competition run on an area with a circle in the middle (dohyo) and two white starting lines for sumo wrestlers. It is sprinkled with sand to determine the touch of the wrestlers out arenas. The diameter of the circle is 4.55 meters. The sports uniform of sumo wrestlers is a loincloth made of thick fabric, usually dark in color, called mawashi. It is decorated with fringe - sagari. A wrestler will be disqualified if the mawashi is unwound during the fight. Sumist's hair is greased and laid on the crown of the head in the form of a large bun, securing the hairstyle with a comb. This hairstyle serves to soften the blow of the head about ground when dropped.


Sumo wrestling rules include a number of prohibitions, for example, it is forbidden to grab the opponent by the hair, ears, fingers, the use of suffocation is prohibited, it is allowed to hit only with an open palm, it is forbidden to hit in the area of the eyes and genitals.

The defeat is awarded sumo wrestler:

- when touching the ground any part of the body, except for the feet;

- if the opponent has displaced him out of the circle;

- if the fighter was prohibited hold;

- if mawashi is unwound;

- if the wrestler is announced corpse (blue-tai).

Before the start of the fight Sumo wrestlers have prayed for victory for a long time and sprinkled salt on the battlefield to ward off evil spirits. Then they clapped their hands to attract the deity who the competition was dedicated. This ritual is still observed today.

The ritual of attracting the deity

The duel may take several seconds, and can last up to several minutes. The fight is to knock the enemy to the ground or push him out of bounds circle. In sumo, the weight of the wrestler plays a decisive role, but the fighting technique has a great value. Sometimes, thanks to technique, a wrestler with a lower weight wins a fight. Sumo wrestlers weigh from 125 to 235 kg. They're putting on weight on purpose eating fatty foods and drinking up to 10 liters of water per day. Fighters life rather harsh, taking place in constant training. Those wishing to become professional wrestlers first enter the sumo wrestling school. If they are successfully selected, then they remain in school until they finish their professional career. They refuse from the family for this time. Sumo wrestlers can get married after leaving the profession.

Sumo bout

Each fighter has alias. In sumo wrestling, there is a strict hierarchy that depends on skill fighter. Each fight affects the status of the wrestler. If the number of wins is greater, than defeats, then the status rises by a circle, if less, then decreases. Wrestlers try to participate in all competitions.

There are 6 ranks. The lowest rank is zonokuchi and the highest is makuuchi. Grand Champion gets the rank of yokozun - great champion. This rank is no longer lowered even if losing. But usually yokozuna leaves the profession if he cannot. meet the champion's standard. The winner of each tournament will be awarded the Emperor's Cup and a large cash prize. Sumo professionals receive $ 10,000 monthly. This sport requires a lot of physical strength and health, in addition, heavy weight greatly affects the overall the condition of the fighter. Therefore, sumo wrestlers retire at 35.

Every year in Japan hold six sumo tournaments. In January, May and September they take place in Tokyo, in March in Osaka, in July in Nagoya, and in November in Fukuoka. Duration tournament 15 days. Each day a fighter must take part in one match. In during tournaments, the hierarchy ranking is updated every day depending on results.

To see sumo, it's better buy a ticket to the competition. But you should buy it in advance, as tickets quickly understand.

Ritual greeting before bout

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