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Interesting facts about India

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Image About 35% of Indians live in poverty

  1. Indians are the largest English-speaking nation in the world - paradoxical, but true.

  2. About 35 percent of Indian residents live in poverty. Many of them do not have their own homes, they are forced to look for an overnight stay at train stations and city streets. It is surprising that India is among the leaders in the number of dollar millionaires.

  3. The cow is a sacred animal in India. You won't find beef on the shelves of the local shops or on the restaurant menus. At the same time, animals move freely along the streets, sometimes creating problems for the flow of traffic.

Image A cow is a sacred animal in India

  1. The most popular Indian book is the Kamasutra. It is noteworthy that the creation of the sage Mallanag Vatsyayan initially describes the issues of love, family life, social relations and morality. With regard to sexual practices and positions, this is only a fifth of the treatise, and it should be noted without pictures in the original.

  2. Time throughout the territory of the state flows in one time zone, although geographically this is not correct .

  3. Many Indian cafes cannot offer their guests to familiarize themselves with the menu - there is simply no menu in such places. This is due to the fact that these establishments are mainly visited by regular customers who are well familiar with the local assortment.

Image In India, it is prohibited by law to export local currency from the country

  1. There is no prohibition on alcoholic beverages in India, but it is quite problematic to get a drink here - it is simply not on store shelves. You can improve your mood mainly in local restaurants.

  2. India is a true paradise for vegetarians. The fact is that among the Indians themselves a vegetarian way of life is very common: Rheas not only do not eat meat, fish and eggs, but also do not eat from the dishes that were used to prepare animal food. Specialty cafes marked purevegetarian to ensure that vegetarian and meat products do not overlap here.

  3. Cups serving tea and coffee in street cafes, made of clay. This is very convenient in terms of waste disposal, because after a couple of showers there is no trace of such dishes, and their cost is lower than paper and plastic counterparts.

Image India has one time zone

  1. Close friendships are very common among men in India. It is not surprising if you see two men walking in an embrace, there is no sexual connotation here.

  2. Indian cuisine is extraordinarily spicy, local culinary experts do not regret spices. Requests for"no spicy" do not always lead to the desired result, so you should be more careful in your choice of dishes.

  3. Hindus are an extremely religious nation ... There are queues to the temples everywhere, many pilgrims. Many families offer prayers at home, while a separate room with an altar and deities is allocated for this work.


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