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The cat is a sacred animal in Thailand

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Sleeping cat, Thailand

Did you know that cats are a sacred animal in Thailand?

Did you know that cats are considered sacred animal in Thailand. Especially cats of the Siamese breed, because it was from the name of the Kingdom of Siam (as they used to call Thailand) that the name of their breed was formed. In ancient times, Siamese cats were considered a very rare breed, and it was believed that it originated more than 600 years ago. In those days, the Siamese worshiped their cats, who were considered the keepers of temples and guides for the souls of the dead. Such sacred animals lived at temples. At that time, Europeans practically did not see Siamese cats, and the first migrant cats appeared in Europe only in the 19th century.

Siamese cats were considered a luxury at that time, and only crowned persons could afford such a luxury, since the price of cats was incredibly high. Those who nevertheless had wealth and could afford a sacred animal had to obtain permission from the king to keep it.

There was even such a belief that Siamese cats became a temporary haven for deceased monarchs. Therefore, Siamese women were sure to attend their funeral.Image

Siamese cat

It was very interesting to choose a new king in Siam. At the coronation of a new king, a cat was always present nearby. If the animal behaved calmly and arrived in a good mood, it meant the old ruler's approval of the new one.

Thailand is a country that honors its traditions to this day, even those that may seem strange today. So in the old days, Siamese cats were valued so much that they built personal rooms for them and prepared food. Entrance for cats was always and everywhere free, regardless of whether it was a palace or a sacred temple. In modern Thailand, the attitude towards cats in this regard has not changed at all. Cats can be seen almost everywhere: in a store, on the street, in houses, on the dining table and even in a baby's crib.

Cats that live on the streets of Thailand are not unfortunate animals that roam the entrances and garbage dumps in search of food and shelter, as we have in Russia. Not! In Thailand, the situation for cats is completely different.

Travelers visiting Thailand are often surprised at how Thais treat these animals! For example, the owners of cafes and restaurants are happy to feed cats, but not with scraps from the table, but with full-value food: meat, soup and cat food.

And cats in Thailand have a completely different attitude towards people. They are not afraid of people, but gladly come up to people to eat and ask for goodies.Image

Cat and Monk

In Thailand, besides Siamese cats, there are enough other breeds, but Thais treat all of them evenly and lovingly! However, Siamese women are part of the country's history and cultural heritage,

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Topic: The cat is a sacred animal in Thailand.The cat is a sacred animal in Thailand

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