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Things not to do in Turkey

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Turkey is considered to be one of the freest Muslim countries, which could not but affect the off-scale tourism ratings. But, as with any rule, guests will expect exceptions in the form of unpleasant moments that can be avoided by knowing the list of things that are best not to do while in the capital of Mediterranean tourism.

passing cars

No matter how strange this warning may sound, the most widespread crimes in Turkey often occur in"passing cars" promising to give you a ride to the right place. Car thugs catching lonely walking tourists rob, rape and even kidnap young girls into sexual slavery every year. The rule in this case is always the same - to catch a taxi, which in Turkish cities are painted yellow in the American manner.


Do not follow the rules of decency in mosques

For any Muslim temple there is a strict rule not to enter shoes, but few tourists know that in Turkey shoes can be put in a bag and carried inside. One should behave in a mosque quietly, speak no louder than in an undertone and not attract the attention of ministers. The slightest laugh or an inappropriate smile can be a reason for a guest to be politely asked to leave the temple premises. Also, you should not interfere with the prayer of those who are in the main hall - it is best not to get close to them.



The Turks have recently become very jealous of the cleanliness of the streets. In the last 10 years alone, amendments have been made to the legislation, equating rubbish thrown by the trash can with petty hooliganism. Foreign tourists who can be stopped on the street and handed over to the police are especially strictly monitored. The consequences of such a seemingly harmless offense can be very serious - up to several hours of correctional labor.


Show courtesy to local women

Despite the love of Turkish men for young girls of European appearance, they protect their women with extreme suspicion. Turkish girls may smile sweetly for male tourists, but the response is often perceived here as a mild form of sexual harassment. In recent years, there has been an increase in cases of lawsuits and even imprisonment, not to mention scandals with husbands who caught their wives communicating with foreigners.

Follow the street vendors

The most common tactic of scammers, robbers and other criminals in Turkey. A tourist walking along a street or a market is offered some kind of trinket for free, after which he will need to follow the “seller” to the store, which turns out to be a deserted alley where the tourist, at best, is robbed. The only way to protect yourself from such scammers is to never accept anything, no matter how persistently it is suggested. After all, you can always call the police loudly.

Taking pictures of someone without permission

A rule that is immutable in many Muslim countries also applies in Turkey. Large tourist centers are already used to a large number of people with cameras, but it is not recommended to secretly photograph anyone, especially women. Turkish men, on the other hand, will be happy to pose for the camera, but in such cases guests are strongly advised to keep an eye on valuables and pockets - an experienced pickpocket may be an enthusiast.

None of the tourists are fined for this, but this can cause a scandal, especially in small villages and towns. Another gesture that can offend the interlocutor is the foot-to-foot pose. If in Thailand this pose is considered indecently vulgar, then in Turkey it can be considered as a gesture of blatant aggression towards the interlocutor.


Spitting in the street

The habit of many people spitting gum out of their mouths can cause a lot of problems when surrounded by Turks. It's all about the centuries-old tradition of ending a verbal curse with a loud spit at the feet of the offender. In modern Turkey, very few people do this, but the attitude towards spitting remains negative - they can be fined for it.

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Topic: Things not to do in Turkey.Things not to do in Turkey

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