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Things not to do in Vietnam

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Like any Asian country, Vietnam is a place where cultural traditions very often prevail over general ideas of European ethics. To the set of standard rules of etiquette, when visiting this country, it is imperative to add a few rules of conduct that will ensure maximum understanding with local residents and personal safety.

Wear lots of jewelry

As sad as it may sound, but the most common crimes in Vietnam are elementary pickpocketing. It is not always possible to identify the criminal in the crowd, and the detection rate of such violations is minimal, despite the large presence of the police on the streets. Therefore, you should not wear gold chains, rings with expensive stones and other jewelry when going outside. The same goes for money – the wallet in public should always be almost empty so as not to attract thieves.

Drink water from the tap

The state of water supply networks in Vietnam is still poor – even a very expensive hotel will not guarantee that a modern sewage treatment plant has been installed in this quarter. You can easily verify this – it is enough to see the state and level of pollution of Vietnamese water bodies once. Therefore, all fresh water here necessarily undergoes a preliminary boiling procedure, even the one that is used for the subsequent cooking of products.

Taking pictures of military objects

A rule that is immutable for many countries , where Vietnam is no exception. You need to be extremely careful with photographic equipment, because even the appearance of a tourist with a camera near a military facility can become an occasion for a conversation with the police or a person in uniform. If a foreigner is noticed for violating this law, the consequences can be very serious - from a few hours of interrogation at the police station to a trial with a prosecutor under the article on military espionage.

Entering temples in open clothes

An obvious law for any Buddhist country. Even at beach resorts, before going to the temple, both men and women need to clean themselves up. You cannot enter the temple grounds in shorts or other clothing that exposes your legs above the ankles. There is a special set of rules for women: hair should be tucked away, and clothing should cover shoulders and arms as much as possible. Women are also prohibited from touching monks in Vietnam.


gestures for Europeans

As in Thailand, in Vietnam you need to gesture with particular care when communicating with the local population. Wave goodbye is not accepted here – this is perceived as a vulgar gesture that offends a person. Also, in the outback, it is not customary to say hello by holding out a hand to a person. Many Vietnamese villages can be offended by this – the memory of the behavior of American soldiers is still fresh. You can only touch a person who sincerely expresses trust and friendliness to the guest - – strangers can be seriously offended.


local population

Vietnamese – hospitable people, any guest here is perceived as a very important person who needs to be given maximum respect. The Vietnamese expect the same from tourists. When addressing any person, even a servant, you must first use the word `` master '' or 'madam' (in Vietnamese `` tiao om '' and `` tiao ba ''). You need to say it quietly, best of all - – in an undertone, even if asked to repeat what was said. Loud voice in Vietnam – one of the manifestations of rudeness and lack of elementary manners.

Show feelings openly

The rule of banning kissing in public places in Vietnam is enforced with particular rigor. Even married people are not supposed to walk down the street hugging each other, let alone other expressions of love. Fines for violations of public order in the country are quite high, and some not too decent police officers, instead of a fine, may offer to give a bribe, which guarantees the absence of consequences for the violator. As a rule, there are no consequences after the fine, so the police simply extort money.

Follow the street temptations

Prostitution in Vietnam is officially illegal, but this does not prevent beautiful young girls from approaching tourists on the streets, and openly offering themselves. As a rule, most of these girls – potential criminals. A similar tactic is used by Vietnamese thieves who, at the first opportunity, steal from `` clients '' watches, wallets, and even documents. The detection rate of such crimes is low, so it is best not to violate the Vietnamese prostitution law.

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Topic: Things not to do in Vietnam.Things not to do in Vietnam

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